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Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group

January 30, 2015 | Anchorage, AK

Fifth Annual Water and Sanitation Innovations for the Arctic Workshop

Arctic Wastewater Treatment and Disposal—Current Status and Research Needs

An ALPHA Post-Summit Session Workshop co-sponsored by the US Arctic Research Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Several topics were presented and discussed during this workshop, including: discharge from sewage lagoons (primary treatment) and its relationship to human health and subsistence, sludge accumulation (and its deferred removal/impact on existing infrastructure), the lack of “SNC” list for wastewater issues (SNC = serious non-compliance, which, when water-related, helps establish funding need), ways make the handling of honeybuckets less of a health risk, and the issue of aberrant disposal of honeybucket waste (specifically, the long term accumulation of bags which seriously impedes sewage lagoon function).

Workshop Objectives:

  • Characterize the status of wastewater treatment and disposal in the rural Arctic
  • Identify opportunities and research needs to improve the delivery, management and performance of wastewater treatment and disposal systems in the rural Arctic.
  • Develop a list of health-related wastewater research needs
  • Identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvements, including collaborative projects and ways to improve communication


Wastewater Design Challenges for Rural Alaska — by C. Adler
3.73 MB pdf | 1.62 MB PowerPoint File

Sewage Sludge: Now What Do We Do With It? — by L. Aldritch
9.04 MB pdf | 7.03 MB PowerPoint File

Current State of Wastewater Treatment and Disposal in Alaska — by D. Antrobus
3.76 MB pdf | 3.95 MB PowerPoint File

Honeybuckets: A Long Way From the Museum — by B. Berube
9.04 MB pdf | 9.44 MB PowerPoint File

Sludge Removal Requirements — by B. Doyle
515 KB pdf | 143 KB PowerPoint File

Permitting Requirements for Lagoons — by B. Doyle
513 KB pdf | 139 KB PowerPoint File

Health Update — by T. Hennessy
6.00 MB pdf | 3.35 MB PowerPoint File

Microbial Contamination Studies Around Sewage Lagoons — by E. Mutter
8.44 MB pdf | 10.68 MB PowerPoint File

Arctic Wastewater Treatment and Disposal: Current Status and Research Needs — by D. Wagner
1.18 MB pdf | 1.02 MB PowerPoint File

Challenges To Sewage Lagoons — by B. White
8.56 MB pdf | 6.92 MB PowerPoint File

Wastewater Treatment — by D. White
1.46 MB pdf

Protecting Family Drinking Water in Rural Alaska — by D. White
4.48 MB pdf


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