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Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research

Arctic research plays a key role in addressing fundamental scientific issues and in helping the nation meet its needs, aspirations, and responsibilities as an Arctic nation. To this end, the USARC delivers a biennial report to the President and Congress outlining recommended scientific research goals and objectives for the Arctic.

2019–2020 Report


» A Message from USARC Chair Fran Ulmer
» Goal 1. Advance Arctic Infrastructure
» Goal 2. Assess Arctic Natural Resources
» Goal 3. Observe, Understand, and Forecast Arctic Environmental Change
» Goal 4. Improve Community Health and Well-Being
» Goal 5. Enhance International Scientific Cooperation in the Arctic
» Emerging Topics in Arctic Research
» Working with the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
» Addressing Federal and State Priorities


» 9.1 MB pdf
» 2.5 MB pdf (low-resolution version for faster downloading)
» A limited number of hard copies are available upon request to adminassist@arctic.gov

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