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Alaska Rural
Water and Sanitation
Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated
Working Group

Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group


March 2017

Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group

Within Alaska there are significant health disparities related to the lack of access to in-home water and sewer services. This inequity is particularly felt in remote villages. Alaska ranks last among U.S. states for the proportion of homes with running water and sewer service; approximately 22% of rural Alaskan households lack in-home water and sewer service. There is strong evidence that in-home water and sewer service is linked to better health.

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February 2015

Alaskan Water and Sanitation Retrospective 1970-2005

The purpose of this retrospective is to inform the water and sanitation industry and the general public about technologies deployed in rural Alaskan villages between ~1970 and 2005. We indicate, per interviewee input, why the majority failed on a technical level or failed to provide adequate water on an as-used basis to improve health outcomes. This retrospective will supplement prior, and often meager, documentation of unsuccessful approaches to water and sanitation in Alaska, as both a cautionary tale and as a benchmark against which progress can be made.

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July 2011

Water and Sanitation Briefing for the State of Alaska

The purpose of this document is to brief policy makers about the impact of unmet water and sewer needs on the health and the quality of life in rural Alaska.

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