An independent federal agency that advises the President and Congress on domestic and international Arctic research.

An independent federal agency that advises the President and Congress on domestic and international Arctic research.

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February 2–3, 2021 | Virtual Workshop

Using Sewage Monitoring to Investigate Infectious Disease

Join us for a virtual, free workshop featuring guest speakers and panelists from Alaska and around the world! 

January 25, 2021

New Report Available!

Report of a virtual workshop held to bring together technical and academic experts and policymakers to share information, research findings, emerging research questions, and best practices relevant to electric vehicles in Alaska and the Arctic.

Photo of Larry Mayer

November 18, 2020

Commissioner Larry Mayer elected fellow of the American Geophysical Union

Dr. Larry Mayer was among the 62 members of the 60,000-member American Geophysical Union (AGU) elected to the 2020 class of Fellows, scientists who have made considerable contributions to geological and geophysical research.

November 10, 2020

University of Alaska Arctic Research Director appointed to the USARC

On November 10, 2020, President Donald J. Trump appointed Maj. Gen. Randy “Church” Kee, USAF (ret), to the USARC. “I…look forward to supporting the important work of the Commission in advising the President and the Congress on the Arctic Research enterprise,” said Kee.

August 14, 2020

President Trump appoints Jon Harrison as Chairman of the USARC

“It is an enormous privilege to lead the US Arctic Research Commission,” said Harrison. “At a time of profound change in the world’s most critical but least understood region, the importance of research, exploration, and cooperation could not be greater.


Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group

To benefit Arctic communities by identifying and addressing critical renewable energy and energy efficiency research needs.

Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group

To maximize the health benefits of in-home running water and sanitation services in rural Alaska.


Photo of superglacial rivers

Arctic Update

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photo of aurora borealis in Alaska

Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research

Read the 2019–2020 report outlining recommended scientific research goals and objectives for the Arctic.

Photo of hikers in the Arctic

The Arctic Scientific Cooperation Agreement

Facilitating access by scientists of the Arctic governments to Arctic areas, research infrastructure, and data.

Arctic Update Tweets

A Twitter feed from USARC’s daily Arctic Update

With visiting scientists sidelined by coronavirus pandemic, Bering Sea residents take on more research duties

Study demonstrates interconnectedness of Arctic and North Pacific on multimillennial timescales

Doctoral student leads paleoclimate study of precipitation and sea ice in Arctic Alaska

Ireland ready to bring marine and scientific expertise to Arctic Council as observer

The Moon Controls the Release of Methane in Arctic Ocean – Unexpected Finding With Big Implications

Labrador's Arctic char vulnerable to climate change, says new study

Arctic scientific center to study polar bears and whales opens in Chukotka

Hogweed may harm Arctic traditional farming

The plug keeping the Arctic’s oldest ice in place is getting leaky

Researchers speed up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through AI

Network Connects Indigenous Knowledges in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest

If ground squirrels can hole up for months without starving or losing muscle, why can’t we?

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