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Special Reports

January 2021

Alaska Electric Vehicle Workshop

Report of the ACEP-USARC Virtual Workshop Held June 16–17, 2020

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) and the US Arctic Research Commission (USARC) hosted a virtual workshop to bring together technical and academic experts and policymakers to share information, research findings, emerging research questions, and best practices relevant to electric vehicles (EVs) in Alaska and the Arctic. Attended by over 400 participants from around the world, the workshop held four panel sessions covering (1) the policy environment, (2) charging behavior, (3) operations and performance, and (4) grid impacts of EVs and EV service equipment. The workshop had a strong focus on cold regions and Arctic-related research.

Available Format: 8 MB pdf

December 2017

Residential Heating in Remote Arctic Villages: Implementation Plan

This report summarizes the second of three planned workshops focused on residential heating in remote Arctic villages. Following up on the first workshop in the series which identified data gaps and research needs related to home heating needs, this workshop was held to assess and identify progress, prioritize unmet research needs and remaining data gaps, and develop strategies to address outstanding data gaps and research needs.

Available Format: 814 KB pdf

November 2016

Supporting Arctic Science: A Summary of the White House Arctic Science Ministerial Meeting

This document summarizes the first-ever Arctic Science Ministerial that was held in Washington, DC, at the White House, on September 28, 2016, to advance international research efforts. It includes the meeting agenda, a list of participants, a White House “fact sheet” that describes the outcomes from the meeting, a Joint Statement of Ministers, and a list of media reports on the event. The document also includes a compilation of two-page descriptions of Arctic science support provided by the ministerial delegations (representing 24 nations and the European Union). These self-reported snapshots follow a standardized format that includes
(1) points of contact, (2) Arctic research goals, (3) Arctic research policy, (4) major Arctic research initiatives, and (5) Arctic research infrastructure.

Available Formats: 18.1 MB pdf

September 2016

Residential Heating in Remote Arctic Villages: Research Needs

This report summarizes the first of three planned workshops focused on residential heating in remote Arctic villages. In these communities, the cost of home heating consumes 47% (median value) of annual income for those in the lowest income bracket with the majority of households in rural Alaska depend on fossil fuel to heat their homes. This workshop focused on identifying research needs and data gaps related to how heat is used in villages in order to understand how renewable energy systems, energy efficiencies and education and/or policy level efforts might best address heating needs in remote communities.

Available Format: 5.1 MB pdf

February 2015

Alaskan Water and Sanitation Retrospective 1970-2005

The purpose of this retrospective is to inform the water and sanitation industry and the general public about technologies deployed in rural Alaskan villages between ~1970 and 2005. We indicate, per interviewee input, why the majority failed on a technical level or failed to provide adequate water on an as-used basis to improve health outcomes. This retrospective will supplement prior, and often meager, documentation of unsuccessful approaches to water and sanitation in Alaska, as both a cautionary tale and as a benchmark against which progress can be made.

Available Format: 4.81 MB pdf (revised June 2015)

July 2011

Water and Sanitation Briefing for the State of Alaska

The purpose of this document is to brief policy makers about the impact of unmet water and sewer needs on the health and the quality of life in rural Alaska.

Available Format: 270 KB pdf 

June 2010

Scaling Studies in Arctic System Science and Policy Support: A Call-to-Research

The need for researchers to improve scaling approaches across a variety of disciplines and applications in the Arctic is the central focus of this 2010 USARC report. For example, while researchers may have an understanding of climate change dynamics observed at well-studied local sites including atmospheric, marine, terrestrial, and human components, it’s a different story when looking across the entire arctic spectrum. By addressing scaling in an arctic context, the Commission attempts to shed light on an approach to research that merits an elevated level of attention within scientific research communities and in federal agencies. The report includes targeted recommendations for research.

Available Formats: 2.9 MB pdf | 20.4 MB pdf

June 2010

SCICEX Phase II Science Plan—Part 1: Technical Guidance for Planning Science Accommodation Missions

This 2010 technical science plan provides the U.S. Navy with a detailed and prioritized list of sampling recommendations to measure sea ice thickness (i.e., draft profiling), ocean hydrography and bathymetry, and to measure and sample ocean biology and chemistry during “science accommodation missions.”

Available Formats: 4.7 MB pdf | 32.5 MB pdf

September 2004

Arctic Marine Transport Workshop

This report summarizes conclusions reached by experts that met in 2004 to discuss Arctic marine transport, international marine safety, sea ice and climate change. The report includes a research agenda and identifies critical issues relevant to the future of Arctic shipping.

Available Format: 1.5 MB pdf

March 2004

Advancing Oil Spill Response in Ice-Covered Waters

This 2004 report defines a program and identifies research and development projects that would improve the ability of responders to address accidental oil spills in fresh or salt-water marine environments where ice is present. This response program includes spills that occur on or beneath solid, stable ice extending out from shore, as well as spills in areas of drifting ice floes, and on ice-covered shorelines.

Available Format: 1 MB pdf

December 2003

Climate Change, Permafrost, and Impacts on Civil Infrastructure

This 2003 report, from a USARC taskforce, discusses the impact of climate change on permafrost and infrastructure. It identifies key issues and research needs.

Available Format: 4.8 MB pdf


The Arctic Ocean and Climate Change: A Scenario for the US Navy

In 2000, the USARC along with representatives from the National Ice Center, the Oceanographer of the Navy, the office of Naval Research, Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (MEDEA) and the U.S. Coast Guard met to map out national and strategic issues surrounding Naval operations in an ice-free or ice-diminished Arctic Ocean throughout the 21st Century. This USARC report provides a compilation of subject expert comments on subjects ranging from modeling of sea ice scenarios to climate change and weather pattern predictions to broad transportation and shipping issues to socio-economic changes.

Available Format: 247 KB pdf

July 1997

Logistics Recommendations for an Improved US Arctic Research Capability

This 1997 USARC report emphasizes the importance of a strong US arctic logistics capability to enhance and expand current US arctic research and addresses both general and specific arctic logistics needs. It contains recommendations developed through a broad survey of the US academic arctic research community regarding the logistics needed to improve the capability and safety of the US arctic research program.

Available Format: 4.89 MB pdf


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