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Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group

January 26, 2012 | Anchorage, AK

Second Annual Water and Sanitation Innovations for the Arctic Workshop

Co-sponsored by the US Arctic Research Commission, ANTHC, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This workshop focused on water and sanitation issues in rural Alaska, stressing the connection between health and clean water provision/sanitation and a potential reframing of the “issue list” in the context of climate change. The workshop organizers were especially keen to discuss potential research and innovation in the field. We hoped to foster productive conversations between groups that normally would not have primary contact and come away from this workshop with new and innovative ideas for pathways forward in these areas of research.


Alaska O&M Challenges — By J. Nichols
5.76 MB pdf | 3.29 MB PowerPoint File

Ensuring R&D Addresses Local Needs and Considerations
40 KB pdf | 55 KB PowerPoint File

“Novel” Technology in the Alaskan Situation — By A.D. Dotson
5.91 MB pdf | 333 KB PowerPoint File

Overview of Funding and Needs for Rural Alaska Water and Sewer Improvements — By B. Griffith
3.34 MB pdf | 3.21 MB PowerPoint File

Water & Health in Alaska: Considerations for Water Quantity — By T. Ritter
1.80 MB pdf | 2.70 KB PowerPoint File


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