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Renewable Energy
Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated
Working Group

Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group


January 2021

Alaska Electric Vehicle Workshop

Report of the ACEP-USARC Virtual Workshop Held June 16–17, 2020

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) and the US Arctic Research Commission (USARC) hosted a virtual workshop to bring together technical and academic experts and policymakers to share information, research findings, emerging research questions, and best practices relevant to electric vehicles (EVs) in Alaska and the Arctic. Attended by over 400 participants from around the world, the workshop held four panel sessions covering (1) the policy environment, (2) charging behavior, (3) operations and performance, and (4) grid impacts of EVs and EV service equipment. The workshop had a strong focus on cold regions and Arctic-related research.

Available Format: 8 MB pdf

December 2017

Residential Heating in Remote Arctic Villages: Implementation Plan

This report summarizes the second of three planned workshops focused on residential heating in remote Arctic villages. Following up on the first workshop in the series which identified data gaps and research needs related to home heating needs, this workshop was held to assess and identify progress, prioritize unmet research needs and remaining data gaps, and develop strategies to address outstanding data gaps and research needs.

Available Format: 814 KB pdf

September 2016

Residential Heating in Remote Arctic Villages: Research Needs

This report summarizes the first of three planned workshops focused on residential heating in remote Arctic villages. In these communities, the cost of home heating consumes 47% (median value) of annual income for those in the lowest income bracket with the majority of households in rural Alaska depend on fossil fuel to heat their homes. This workshop focused on identifying research needs and data gaps related to how heat is used in villages in order to understand how renewable energy systems, energy efficiencies and education and/or policy level efforts might best address heating needs in remote communities.

Available Format: 5.1 MB pdf

Updated August 2017

AREWG: Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group

This USARC coordinated working group promotes research on renewable and efficiency energy systems in remote Arctic communities. The working group’s mission is to benefit Arctic communities by identifying and addressing critical renewable energy and energy efficiency research needs. Integration of renewable resources and supporting technologies into a community’s current power generation capacity has the potential to decrease cost to consumers, air pollution, and carbon footprint and increase local employment.

Available Format: 412 KB pdf