Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group

News and Highlights


Renewable energy growing in Canada but solar installations lagging behind
December 20, 2017

King Cove closer to the goal of 100 percent renewable energy
December 14, 2017

UA goes solar, panel by panel
November 16, 2017

National labs to field test microgrid tech in Cordova
September 13, 2017

Can an Anchorage start-up lure renewable energy investors to rural Alaska?
September 12, 2017

One of the biggest banks is making a big renewable energy commitment
July 28, 2017

Arctic community’s successful switch to solar-diesel power could be a glimpse into future
July 30, 2017

New Anchorage power plant improves efficiency and reliability while increasing rates
July 7, 2017

YK Delta villages receive federal energy grants
July 4, 2017

What about wave and tidal energy in Alaska?
March 30, 2017

Alaska warms to solar power as prices fall and benefits grow
March 26, 2017

Harvard class assignment: Solve rural Alaska’s fossil fuel woe
March 14, 2017

Start-up gambles time is right for Alaska solar power
February 23, 2017

Clean energy equity in 2017: How foundations can advance solar and storage technologies in low-income communities
February 2, 2017

ABB Microgrif to be built in Anchorage with two forms of energy storage
February 2, 2017

Alaska’s infrastructure report card probably not going on the fridge
February 9, 2017

New brand of borough aimed at cheaper energy, but critics worry it could do more harm than good
January 30, 2017

[Opinion] Renewable energy makes financial sense for Alaska
January 30, 2017

Is hydropower renewable energy? One village in SE Alaska needs it to be
January 6, 2017

WWF study says renewable energy will work, save money in Arctic communities
January 4, 2017

E.U. loophole counts wood energy as “carbon neutral.” It’s not
January 1, 2017