Arctic Mental Health Working Group

A USARC-Coordinated Working Group

ARCHIVE. The Arctic Mental Health Working Group (AMHWG) pages on this website contain archived content from 2015–2018. In 2018, concurrent with the $4.25M grant received by the University of Alaska Fairbanks for the Alaska Native Collaborative Hub for Research Resilience (ANCHRR), the group disbanded to pursue focused projects in smaller groups. Please contact for additional information.


October 2017

Alaska’s Mental Health Care Workforce Shortage

Roughly 20% of Alaska’s population is estimated to need mental and behavioral health services. Despite this, the ratio of mental health care providers to population is low compared to national levels. This publication examines the need for increased numbers of mental health care providers in an Alaska and provides research recommendations to address the shortage.

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Updated August 2017

AMHWG: Arctic Mental Health Working Group

This USARC coordinated Arctic Mental Health Working Group aims to work collaboratively with tribes, health care providers, and other stakeholders to promote research on, and raise awareness of, the significant mental and behavioral health disparities that exist between Arctic and non-Arctic populations. As an initial focus, the group has chosen to address suicide prevention in Arctic communities with a specific emphasis on early intervention approaches for children and youth.

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