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Announcement | USARC on RIA Novosti regarding Russia's Arctic Forum next week
Posted 9/19/11

Editorial | A Changing Arctic Demands Strategic Planning
By Fran Ulmer, U.S. Arctic Research Commission Chair
Posted 9/12/11

Publication | The Changing Arctic Ocean: Special Issue on the International Polar Year (2007-2009)
Posted 9/12/11

Article | US Arctic Research Policy
By K. Moran and J.W. Farrell. 2011. Oceanography 24(3):18–25,
Posted 9/12/11

Testimony | Defending U.S. Economic Interests in the Changing Arctic: Is There a Strategy? (92 KB pdf)
By Fran Ulmer, submitted for the record in conjunction with The Senate Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries,
and Coast Guard Subcommittee Hearing on July 28, 2011
Posted 8/30/11

Media Release | What does the National Ocean Policy mean for the Arctic region? (58 KB pdf)
Posted 4/14/11

Press Release | President Obama appoints Fran Ulmer Chair of the US Arctic Research Commission (47 KB pdf)
Posted 3/10/11

USARC Workshop | Water and Sanitation Innovations for the Arctic Workshop held January 13, 2011
Posted 1/7/11


Press Release | Mary Pete to testify on subsistence lifestyle before Senate Commerce Committee (38 KB pdf)
Posted 8/18/2010

Press Release | Virgil Sharpton named Acting Chairman of the US Arctic Research Commission (37 KB pdf)
Posted 8/17/2010

Press Release | Obama reassigns responsibilities for Arctic Research to a White House council (61 KB pdf)
Posted 7/22/2010

Press Release | Mary Ciuniq Pete Appointed to the U.S. Arctic Research Commission (60 KB pdf)
Posted 7/16/2010

Press Release | Science Plan Released for the Navy's Submarine Arctic Science Program (60 KB pdf)
Posted 7/15/2010

Letter | USARC Chair Mead Treadwell to resign post following 93rd USARC meeting to explore
elective office/opportunities
(58 KB pdf)
Posted 5/24/2010

Press Release | Federal Commission Calls for Greater Seafloor Mapping of Arctic Ocean (56 KB pdf)
Posted 5/5/2010

Testimony | Charting the Unknown: America’s Arctic Seafloor (149 KB pdf)
By John Farrell before the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans, and Wildlife Committee on Natural Resources,
U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Hearing on H.R. 2864 on May 6, 2010
Posted 05/05/10

Testimony | Youth Suicide in the Arctic (97 KB pdf)
By Warren Zapol before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on March 25, 2010
Posted 03/31/10

Press Release | USARC Presses for Greater Scientific and Technical Research on Oil Spills (56 KB pdf)
Posted 3/2/2010

Press Release | Research Strategies Toward Arctic's Behavioral Health Concerns
(62 KB pdf)
Posted 2/17/2010

Presentation | Coming Challenges of the Arctic Region (54 MB PowerPoint file)
By Mead Treadwell at the Naples Council on World Affairs on January 11, 2010
Posted 1/13/2010

Presentation | Coming Challenges of the Arctic Region (38 MB PowerPoint file)
By Mead Treadwell at the Naples Community School on January 11, 2010
Posted 1/13/2010



Press Release | Cheryl Rosa Appointed Deputy Director of U.S. Arctic Research Commission (48 KB pdf)
Posted 12/3/2009

Meeting Address | An Accessible Arctic Ocean (103 KB pdf)
By Mead Treadwell at the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment Workshop held in Fairbanks, AK, on October 22, 2009
Posted 10/30/09

Meeting Address | Arctic Fisheries: Five Things We Should Commit to Now (84 KB pdf)
By Mead Treadwell at the International Arctic Fisheries Conference held in Anchorage, AK, on October 19, 2009
Posted 10/30/09

Testimony | Coastal Communities and Subsistence Use (42 KB pdf)
By Vera Metcalf at the Ocean Policy Task Force Public Meeting held in Anchorage, AK, on August 21, 2009
Posted 10/30/09

Article | Science Lags on Saving the Arctic from Oil Spills
Science, Vol. 325, No. 5946, P. 1335, 11 September 2009, doi:10.1126/science.325_1335
(Please note only Science subscribers can access this article)
Posted 09/29/09

Press Release | USARC Calls For Arctic Oil Spill Research Program As Shipping Lanes Move North
 (82 KB pdf)
Posted 08/20/09

Testimony | Mead Treadwell before the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Homeland Security Subcomittee:
"US Strategic Interests in the Age of an Accessible Arctic...What We Need to Know and Do Now”
(135 KB pdf)
Posted 08/20/09

US Arctic Policy | National Security Presidential Directive and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (148 KB pdf)
Posted 01/09/2009

US Arctic Policy | President Bush Signs Arctic Policy That Emphasizes Scientific Research And
International Cooperation
(58 KB pdf)
Posted 01/09/2009


USARC Commission Appointments | New USARC Commissioners' expertise broadens agency's reach (47 KB pdf)
Posted 07/25/2008


New Alaska Region Research Vessel Will Boost Arctic Research (20 KB pdf)
Posted 08/23/2007

Impact of an Ice-diminishing Arctic On Naval and Maritime Operations (20 KB pdf)
Posted 08/10/2007

USARC Endorses Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill (21 KB pdf)
Posted 07/31/2007


2007 Goals and Objectives Report Outline (83 KB pdf)

Press Release (60 KB pdf)
Posted 12/01/2006

America's Ocean Future Demands Accession (170 KB pdf)

Sea Technology Magazine

It's time to ratify Law of the Sea Treaty (516 KB pdf)

Anchorage Daily News


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