PRESS RELEASE | Ministers from 25 nations gather in Berlin to discuss Arctic Science
Posted 10/23/18

PRESS RELEASE | New "Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation" goes into effect today
Posted 5/23/18

ANNOUNCEMENT | USARC Commissioner Dr. James McCarthy Named 2018 Tyler Prize Laureate for Environmental Achievement
Posted 5/03/18

ANNOUNCEMENT | Dr. Larry Mayer, USARC Commissioner, Appointed to National Academy of Engineering
Posted 4/23/18


MEETING | 108th USARC Commission Meeting
Posted 10/10/17

PRESS RELEASE | 7th Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations
Posted 7/13/17

WORKSHOP | Improving Village-level Financial, Management and Technical Capacity
Posted 02/09/17

WORKSHOP | Seventh Annual USARC/CDC Water and Sanitation Workshop:
Climate Change, Water and Health

Posted 01/20/17

WORKSHOP | Integration of multiple data streams for improved mental health care
Posted 01/19/17

WORKSHOP | Progress towards providing in-home water and sanitation services in rural Alaska homes:
Healthy Alaskans indicator #19

Posted 01/18/17


PRESS RELEASE | 2017-18 USARC report highlights progress in Arctic research & makes new recommendations
Posted 12/15/16

WORKSHOP | Residential Heating in Remote Arctic Villages: Implementation
Posted 12/9/16

PRESS RELEASE | Jacqueline Richter-Menge appointed to the US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 9/16/16

PRESS RELEASE | Larry Mayer appointed to the US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 5/25/16

PRESS RELEASE | Alaskan David Benton Reappointed to US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 2/19/16


PRESS RELEASE | Alaskan Marie Greene Appointed to US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 12/17/15

PRESS RELEASE | US Arctic Research Commission Names Top Arctic Research Goals
Posted 5/15/15

PRESS RELEASE | Obama Reappoints Fran Ulmer as Chair of the USARC
Posted 5/15/15

INTERVIEW | BBC World News Interview of USARC Executive Director John Farrell on May 4, 2015
(16.3 MB mp4 video)
Posted 5/11/15

EDITORIAL | One Arctic
by Fran Ulmer, Science Magazine, April 17, 2015
Posted 4/20/15

PRESS RELEASE | Obama's Executive Order Calls for Federal Coordination and Consultation for the Arctic Region
Posted 1/21/15



PRESS RELEASE | Fran Ulmer Named Special Advisor to State Department on Arctic Science and Policy
Posted 7/17/14

PRESS RELEASE | USARC Lauds the Release of Two NRC Arctic Reports on Oil Spills and Emerging Issues
Posted 4/28/14

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