GOAL 4 | Advance Civil Infrastructure Research


  • Thawing permafrost, reduced sea ice extent, strengthening storms, and eroding coastlines resulting from Arctic climate change are affecting civil infrastructure, such as transportation, communication, and energy delivery. The number of ships moving goods through Arctic waterways is increasing in frequency and duration as global demand for resources rises.


  • Maximize the design life of infrastructure—particularly of water and sanitation systems—as funding declines for construction and for operation and management.

  • Develop Arctic-specific technology, design, and engineering for rapidly changing environments.

  • Increase applied research to improve land, air, and sea infrastructure that supports community essentials (energy, utility, communication, and transportation). Immediate needs include collecting baseline data and mapping of coastal and nearshore environments, collecting terrestrial imagery and elevation data, and installing knowledge management systems to support engineering design and assessment (e.g., an engineering atlas).