GOAL 2 | Improve Arctic Human Health


  • Significant health disparities exist between Arctic and non-Arctic residents. Decreasing rates of infant mortality, fetal alcohol syndrome, chronic respiratory disease, and accidental injury are offset by increasing rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and suicide.

  • Adequate infrastructure for water and sanitation is critical; there is a clear connection between health and access to clean water for hand washing.

  • Subsistence foods and affiliated social systems are critically important to the health and well-being of indigenous peoples.


  • Enhance biomedical and psychiatric research in mental and behavioral health, and, on a decadal basis, review and evaluate intervention efforts to update research priorities and guide the scaling of successful local efforts into broader clinical interventions and public health strategies.

  • Expand the use of telemedicine to diagnose and treat diseases in remote Arctic regions.

  • Make mandatory the collection of water service "status" data at all federally funded medical facilities.

  • Address food security issues.