GOAL 1 | Observe, Understand, and Respond to Environmental Change in the Arctic


  • As Arctic climate continues to warm at twice the global rate, climate system "wild cards" requiring greater attention include: (1) rapidly thawing permafrost and the possible release of staggering amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, (2) the sharp decline of Arctic glacial and sea ice (75% reduction from 20 years ago), and (3) the climatic impact of black carbon (soot).


  • Intensify efforts to observe and understand climate change and its impacts on ecosystems, infrastructure, economies, and cultures.

  • Synthesize research results and translate them into actionable information. Efforts by the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) program and through IARPC's five-year plan are steps in the right direction.

  • Move from knowledge to action, as successfully demonstrated by the Canadian ArcticNet program.