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Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA)

The Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment is a comprehensive study that focuses on marine safety and marine environmental protection and emphasizes three themes: (1) enhancing Arctic marine safety, (2) protecting Arctic people and the environment, and (3) building the Arctic marine infrastructure.

Download complete report: 27.2 MB pdf

Or download pdfs broken down by section:
- Front Covers (519 KB pdf)
- Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviations (44 KB pdf)
- Table of Contents (171 KB pdf)
- Executive Summary with Recommendations (792 KB pdf)
- Introduction (983 KB pdf)
- Arctic Marine Geography, Climate and Sea Ice (2.84 MB pdf)
- History of Arctic Marine Transport (2.08 MB pdf)
- Governance of Arctic Shipping (992 KB pdf)
- Current Marine Use and the Shipping Database (3.30 MB pdf)
- Scenarios, Futures and Regional Futures to 2020 (2.66 MB pdf)
- Human Dimensions (1.52 MB pdf)
- Environmental Considerations and Impacts (8.07 KB pdf)
- Arctic Marine Infrastructure (3.47 MB pdf)
- About AMSA (533 KB pdf)
- Back Cover (174 KB pdf)