Economics > Tourism

Alaska Office of Tourism Development > Tourism Research
Various Alaska Visitor Statistics Program reports, dating from 1993-2012, cover economic impact studies, among others.

State of Alaska, Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development >
Rural Alaska Tourism Infrastructure Needs Assessment: North Slope Borough
The Assessment evaluates tourism infrastructure in the North Slope Borough by considering tourism destinations, limitations, challenges, and priority development.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Hunting, Trapping & Shooting
Information portal for hunting and trapping in Alaska. Resources include species information, activity permits and licenses, maps, area restrictions, and GIS. The e-Library gives access to publications, videos, and plans.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Fishing in Alaska
Information portal for fishing in Alaska. Resources include fishing information by type, including sport, commercial, and personal use fishing, as well as species information, permits and licenses, and the E-Library.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Regulations
Regulations for sport fishing, commercial fishing, hunting and trapping, and subsistence in Alaska. Emergency orders are available for each type of activity and by region. Further information addresses enforcement, boards, and habitat.