Society > Subsistence

Alaska Federation of Natives > 2008 Federal Priorities: Protection of Subsistence Hunting, Fishing and Gathering in Alaska
A discussion and recommended actions to be taken considering federal protection for subsistence hunting and fishing, federal migratory bird hunting and conservation stamps, migratory bird co-management, and  the reauthorization of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Alaska Federation of Natives > 2010 Annual Convention: AFN Report on Subsistence 
The AFN’s 2010 Annual Convention Report on Subsistence that addresses changes, reforms, and alternatives to subsistence policies.

Alaska Federation of Natives > Subsistence Reports
A selection of AFN subsistence reports, plans, and proclamations, including the 2012 AFN Food Security Action Plan and the 2012 AFN Subsistence Proclamation.

Alaska Federation of Natives > The Right To Subsist: Federal Protection of Subsistence in Alaska
A thorough report on Alaska Native subsistence history, traditions, laws and regulations, current concerns, and recommendations.

Alaska Native Science Commission > Alaska Traditional Knowledge and Native Foods Database
Database of harvest data, the nutrition of native foods, and the cultural benefits of native foods, among others. Research summaries and a progress report are also available.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Community Subsistence Information System (CSIS)
Alaska community harvest information gathered by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Subsistence.

US Fish and Wildlife Service > Federal Subsistence Management Program
A federal government-led, multiagency effort to provide the opportunity for a subsistence way of life by rural Alaskans on federal public lands and waters while maintaining healthy populations of fish and wildlife. Resources include laws and regulations, links to various advisory councils and boards, maps, and program specifics.