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Alaska State Legislature > Alaska Northern Waters Task Force Findings and Recommendations 2012 > “Marine Transportation”
Task force findings and recommendations for marine transportation in Alaska that include non-tank vessel rules and standards, an Aleutian Islands risk assessment, access issues, and planning and infrastructure assessments.

Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA)
AMSA is a follow-up to the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan, adopted by the Arctic Council Ministers in 2004. The Assessment is a comprehensive and collaborative effort that addresses specific Arctic and management issues, while also promoting cooperation and collaboration. Resources include the AMSA progress report, brochures and posters, and the AMSA Scenarios of the Future in several languages.

Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment > Current Marine Use and the AMSA Shipping Database
“Current Marine Use and the AMSA Shipping Database” is an assessment and report detailing Arctic marine vessel activities over a one year period, with information on vessel type, activity, cargo type, routes, and other information. The assessment includes charts, maps, and tabular data.

Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System (ARCTIS)
ARCTIS is a Norwegian initiative and a gateway to know-how for businesses, governments, and the educational community on shipping, transportation infrastructure, logistics and non-living resources in the Arctic. Topics are organized into categories that include Arctic Transportation Research, Marine Transport and Logistics, and Arctic Energy and Mineral Resources.

European Maritime Safety Agency > Vessel Tracking Globally
The Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) System obtains ship identity and location information for nations across the world. The site provides access to the LRI Cooperative Data Center, as well as related information, brochures, and videos.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) > Ships Operating in Polar Regions
Background information and changes to the guidelines for ships operating in polar waters, as well as relevant news updates.

International Maritime Organization > Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS)
Publically-available resources offered by IMO. Content is organized into topics such as Maritime Security, Piracy and Armed Robbery, and Radio communications and Search and Rescue.

Marine Exchange of Alaska: Vessel Tracking
Tracks vessels using Automatic Identification System (AIS) and long range satellite tracking.

Maritime Safety and Security Information System (MSSIS)
A freely-shared, unclassified, near real-time data collection and distribution network whose member countries share data from Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), coastal radar, and other maritime-related systems.