Reference > News

Alaska Dispatch > The Arctic Wire: News from the North
The Arctic news section of the Alaska Dispatch. News articles are collected from national and international news sources, as well as blogs, radio stations, and other sources.

Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects > Briefing Room
The Briefing Room provides access to the latest projects and announcements, as well as white papers, factsheets, speeches, and presentations on Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects. An additional resource is an oil and gas news section that covers the entire world.

Arctic Change > News
Arctic Change features news articles divided into the Climate, Global, Land, Marine Ecosystem, Ice, and Human categories.

Arctic Portal > Portlets
The portlet feature is divided into specialized portlets on specific Arctic-related issues. These are divided into the Arctic Portlet, the Shipping Portlet, the Energy Portlet, the Climate Change Portlet, the Fishing Portlet, and the News Portlet.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation > CBC North
CBC North offers radio, television, and online broadcasting services for the Canadian Arctic. News from across the Canadian Arctic communities is featured.

Eye on the Arctic
Eye on the Arctic collects news from across the Arctic. News and articles are categorized by nation and by topic. Topics include business, environment, society, culture, politics, and science. Videos and photo galleries are also available.

Offshore > International
Offshore is a Norwegian and English language oil and gas newspaper. Articles are arranged into categories such as company news, exploration, renewables, and subsea and technology.

The Arctic Institute Newsletter > The Arctic This Week
The Arctic Institute's weekly newsletter is available each Monday and covers Arctic issues across many disciplines.

US Arctic Research Commission > Official Facebook Page
The USARC facebook page provides information and news updates daily on various issues that impact the Arctic. 

US Arctic Research Commission > Arctic Update Daily Email Newsletter
The Arctic Update Daily Email Newsletter is a daily email newsletter that keeps readers abreast of Congressional hearings, legislative actions, noteworthy news stories, and future events related to the Arctic.