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Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS);jsessionid=04F61D56E2E06DB232535AAAD0BC1A7B
ACADIS is a collaborative effort to offer data archival, preservation and access for all projects funded by NSF's Arctic Science Program. ACADIS provides access to these datasets and resources.

Alaska Gas Line Library: The Pipe Files
A searchable collection of Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline work going back 40 years. Resources are organized into sections such as Project Proposals, Economics, Canadian Government, and US Government Research.

Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects > White Papers  
Collection of Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects white papers with an economic focus.  Topics addressed include financing strategies, a guide to natural gas projects in Alaska, and analyses of the LNG industry.

American Geosciences Institute > Cold Regions Bibliography Project
Documents, databases, and a bibliography of scientific and engineering research related to material and operations in a winter battlefield, the nature and impact of cold on facilities and activities, cold-related environmental problems, and the impact of human activity on cold environments.

The Arctic Institute Center for Circumpolar Security Studies > Publications
A collection of publications from various international institutes and organizations that address topics such as shipping, maritime issues, and international relations in the Arctic.

Arctic Report Card: Update for 2012
The Arctic Report Card is updated annually by assessing a wide range of environmental observations throughout the Arctic. The assessments are grouped into categories that include Atmosphere, Sea Ice and Ocean, and Terrestrial Cryosphere.

Arctic Science and Technology Information System

The ASTIS database contains 76,000 records describing publications and research projects about northern Canada. Additional features of the database include subset databases about specific regions, subjects and projects.

Arctic Wells > Documents
A collection of reports, assessments, and articles addressing Arctic oil and gas issues, from drilling and exploration to challenges and status reports.

Arctic Yearbook
The Arctic Yearbook is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed publication that is published online with the aim of being the preeminent repository of critical analysis on the Arctic region, with a mandate to inform observers about the state of Arctic geopolitics and security.

Department of Defense Report to Congress on Arctic Operations and the Northwest Passage
2011 report on Arctic operations addressing strategic national security objectives, needed mission capabilities, an assessment of changing the Unified Command Plan (UCP), needed basing infrastructure, and the status of and need for icebreakers.

GRID-Arendal > Publications
A library of reports, publications, and resources that address multiple environmental and social concerns. Series of publications include Environmental Outlook, Vital Graphics, and Rapid Response Assessments.

The Heritage Foundation > Arctic Region: US Policy on Arctic Security
An article that addresses the roles of the United States, NATO, and other entities in the Arctic.

IDEAS Journal > “Climate Change in the Arctic and its Implications for U.S. National Security”
Academic article that discusses the impact of climate change on US policy in the Arctic. Maps and graphs, missions, operational capabilities, and recommendations are also presented.

International Polar Year Publications Database
The IPYPD identifies and describes all publications that result from the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008 and the three previous IPYs.

National Snow and Ice Data Center > Publications
A selection of publications deemed relevant to SCICEX program goals, current as of 2011. Publication topics include Bathymetry, Ocean Water, and Sea Ice.

Naval Research Lab > Ruth H. Hooker Research Library
The NRL Ruth H. Hooker Research Library offers traditional and digital library resources to enhance and support the research programs of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research.

NOAA > The First International Polar Year 1881-1884
Historical resources and data for the 1881-1884 First IPY period, with maps, imagery, and posters. Additional resources include publications, reports, graphs, and datasets.

NOAA Fisheries > Auke Bay Laboratories Quarterly Research Reports
A collection of reports and assessments that includes Auke Bay Groundfish Stock Assesments, as well as ABL, FMA, NMML, and RACE Reports. Further Auke Bay resources include species information, ecosystem monitoring, marine chemistry, and surveys and field studies.

NOAA Ocean Explorer > Russian-U.S. Arctic Census 2012
These web pages provide information on a research cruise conducted to better understand the causes and consequences of environmental change in the Arctic environment. Users can learn about the mission's background, view mission logs and photos, download related educational materials, learn about the scientists on board the research vessel.


A library of technical documents and journal articles pertaining to all aspects of exploration and production, as well as technology and other considerations.

Polar Research Board of the National Academies   
Reports focusing on sea ice and climate change. Additional resources include studies in progress, presentations, press releases, and expert and workshop reports.

Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Library
The PAME Document Library offers minister, meeting and other reports, framework and document plans, and the Regional Programme of Action, as well as other resources.

Shell Corporation > Studies and Reports
Shell in Alaska studies, reports, and plans portal includes the three-volume compendium of Science in the U.S. Arctic Outer Continental Shelf, located under Reports. Topics addressed in documents on this site include economic analyses, oceanographic assessments, and oil discharge prevention and contingency plans.

State of the Arctic Coast 2010: Scientific Review and Outlook
A joint assessment of the state of the Arctic coast that draws on initial findings regarding climate change and human dimensions for the Arctic as a whole.

Swedish Air Force > “US National Security and Environmental Change in the Arctic”
An article that discusses strategies , state roles, and leadership in the Arctic. US Arctic policy and further recommendations are also presented.

US Arctic Research Commission > Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research Reports
Collection of USARC Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research reports, with the latest addressing goals for 2013-2014. Goals and objectives are categorized under environmental change, human health, civil infrastructure, natural resources, indigenous languages, and communication and coordination.

US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory > Bibliography Project
Comprehensive list of resources organized by CRREL, which are organized under General, Alaska, Antarctic, and Arctic categories. Topics covered included species, polar exploration, climate, and glaciology, among others.

US Coast Guard Icebreakers Science Operations > Bibliograph
Icebreakers offers program information, real-time data, and activity updates for US icebreakers, including the USCGC Healy. The bibliography contains recent research, as well as cruise reports.

US Department of the Interior > Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement >
Alaska Oversight Documents
The Oversight Document System (ODOCS) is a depository library the Office of Surface Mining developed containing oversight documentation related to State/Tribes oversight programs. Resources include access to program documentation, handbooks, publications, and the OSM Technical Library.

US Fish and Wildlife Services > Alaska Region Library
The Alaska Region site presents the many programs that FWS operates in Alaska, including those that address endangered species, ecological services, fire management, wind energy, and strategic habitat conservation. The page also contains links to several libraries, including the NCTC Conservation Library.

US Government Accountability Office > Report to Congressional Committees on Arctic Capabilities, January 2012
DOD Addressed Many Specified Reporting Elements in Its 2011 Arctic Report but Should Take Steps to Meet Near- and Long-term Needs.

USGS Alaska Science Center > Recent Publications on Sea Ice
A collection of publications pertaining to sea ice, including thickness changes, ice extent, and annual trends.