Society > Language and Culture

Alaska Native Heritage Center
A nonprofit organization focused on the preservation and diffusion of all aspects of Alaska Native cultures, languages, and traditions.

Alaska Native Heritage Center > Education & Programs > Cultures of Alaska
Cultural and linguistic overviews for Alaska Natives, including the Yup’ik, Inupiaq, and Alutiiq cultures.

Alaskool > Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska
A scrollable map shows the indigenous language regions of Alaska, as well as close regions of Canada and the Russian Federation. Further resources include a North American language map and tabular language data of Alaska Native languages.

Arctic Council > CAFF Arctic Biodiversity Portal and Data Service > Linguistics
The Arctic Biodiversity Data Service is a repository of Arctic biodiversity data that allows users to explore various topic and layers. The linguistics section allows users to access data, maps, publications, and other resources for linguistics in the Arctic.

Arctic Indigenous Languages
Database of publications, materials, and papers from the 2008 Arctic Indigenous Languages Symposium.

Canada's First Peoples > The Inuit

Inuit historical and cultural information for the Canadian Arctic. Information is organized into categories such as the environment, social structure and leadership, and transportation and migration. Maps and imagery are also available.

Inuktitut Tusaalanga
Run by the Pirurvik Center, Tusaalanga offers free online lessons and specific grammar and vocabulary for five Inuktitut dialects as spoken in Nunavut.

Pirurvik Center
Nunavut-based language and culture center with Inuktitut as a First Language and Inuktitut as a Second Language, with publications and materials dedicated to each, as well as Inuit cultural programs.

US Census Bureau > American Indian and Alaska Native Resources
American Indian and Alaska Native Resources, including the American Indian and Alaska Native Policy and the Handbook for Consultation with Federally-Recognized Indian Tribes. Additional resources include a tribal leaders directory, links to tribal government websites, and a newsroom.

University of Alaska Fairbanks > Alaska Native Language Center
Research and language learning publications and resources for 20 Alaska Native languages.

University of Alaska Fairbanks > Alaska Native Language Center > Resources
ANLC resources contain articles, population and speaker statistics, language revitalization information, and language- specific resources for Alaska Native languages.

University of Alaska Fairbanks > Alaska Native Language Center > Population and Speaker Statistics
Population and speaker statistics for Alaska Native language families.

University of Alaska Fairbanks > Alaska Native Language Center >
Iñupiatun Uqaluit Taniktun Sivunniuġutiŋit (North Slope Iñupiaq to English Dictionary)
A comprehensive dictionary of North Slope Inupiaq that contains frontmatter, stems, postbases, ending, and enclitics, as well as extensive appendices.