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Arctic Council
The Arctic Council is an intergovernmental forum that provides a mechanism to address the common concerns and challenges faced by the Arctic governments and the people of the Arctic. Resources on the site include pages on all aspects of life in the Arctic, including the environment, the oceans, biodiversity, Arctic peoples, as well as events and a document archive.

Arctic Council > Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program
AMAP advises the governments of the eight Arctic countries on matters relating to threats to the Arctic region from pollution and associated issues. Resources include official strategy and workplans, publications, fact sheets, popular and scientific reports, assessments, maps, and graphics.

Arctic Council > Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna
CAFF is the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council and serves as a vehicle to cooperate on species and habitat management and utilization, to share information on management techniques and regulatory regimes, and to facilitate more knowledgeable decision-making. Resources on the site include monitoring plans, assessments, publications, and the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service.

Arctic Council > Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response
EPPR Working Group addresses various aspects of prevention, preparedness and response to environmental emergencies in the Arctic. Resources include reports, current activities and projects, completed products, search and rescue response resources and maps.

Arctic Council > Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
PAME reviews the adequacy of global and regional legal, policy and other measures and is the focal point of the Arctic Council's activities related to the protection and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment. Resources include a library, publications, data, and biannual work plans.

Arctic Council > Sustainable Development Working Group
SDWG focuses on sustainable development across the Arctic in six key areas: health issues; sustainable economic activities and increasing community prosperity; education and cultural heritage; youth; natural resource management; and infrastructure development. Resources on the site include.

Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region (CPAR)
CPAR is comprised of delegations appointed by the national parliaments of the Arctic state and indigenous entities that meets biennially in order to discuss Arctic issues. Resources on the site include past conference documents, news, and activities.

The Northern Forum
The Northern Forum is an international organization made up of regional northern governments, with a mission to improve the lives of northern peoples and to support sustainable development and cooperative initiatives in the Arctic. Resources on the site include environmental, social, cultural, and sustainable development programs, partnerships, official documents, meetings, and events.