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Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
SDI is a pan-Arctic cooperative initiative among ten national mapping agencies that seeks to jointly develop an Arctic spatial data infrastructure while addressing specific issues of the Arctic. Resources include publications, meetings and conferences, and news.

State of Alaska > Alaska Land Records
Alaska Land Records allows users to locate, verify, and research land use and the land ownership of state and federal land across Alaska, as well as access government plats and surveys. Related reports are available.

State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources > Alaska Cadastral Initiative
An intergovernmental initiative that facilitates cadastral record sharing in Alaska. Current rights, interests, land status and boundary information involving real property is available. Recent activity is also documented.

State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources > Alaska Mapper
Alaska Mapper is an interactive mapping tool that provides access to Alaska land records. Users can query, research and verify state land ownership and land use, with information being displayed through graphic illustrations.

USGS > The National Map Viewer
Interactive mapping tool with multiple data layers. Relevant data layers include transportation, structures, geographic names (GNIS), and governmental unit boundaries.

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Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System (ARCTIS)
ARCTIS is a Norwegian initiative and a gateway to know-how for businesses, governments, and the educational community on shipping, transportation infrastructure, logistics and non-living resources in the Arctic. Topics are organized into categories that include Arctic Transportation Research, Marine Transport and Logistics, and Arctic Energy and Mineral Resources.

NOAA Coastal Services Center > Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW)
ENOW provides time-series data on the ocean and Great Lakes economy. A feature called Coastal County Snapshots allows users to access data by county. Data, tools, case studies, and training, as well as sections on georeferencing, geographic footprints, and economic indicators are available.

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Statewide Design and Engineering Services > Ports and Harbors
State government information on ports and harbors across Alaska. Resources include surveys and studies, information on the Harbor Facility Grant Program, and links to harbor organizations and state ports.

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University of Alaska Anchorage, Institute for Social and Economic Research >
Estimating Future Costs for Alaska Public Infrastructure at Risk from Climate Change
2007 Report that estimates potential future costs to public infrastructure in Alaska as a result of climate change. Climate change projections,  models, and modeling results are presented, along with figures and tabular data.

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Arctic Change > Land > Roads > Ice Roads Open and Close Dates
Summary information for ice road open dates on Alaska's North Slope, from 1970–present.

Marine Cadastre
An integrated marine information system that provides ocean data, offshore planning tools, and technical support to the offshore renewable energy industry. Further resources include datasets, maps, and planning tools and applications.

PNWER Arctic Caucus
The Arctic Caucus works to prioritize Arctic issues within PNWER by sharing information, discussing issues of mutual concern, and identifying areas for collaboration and mutual economic development. Resources include a document database and the proceedings of past fora.

PNWER > Polar Icebreakers of the World POLAR ICEBREAKERS Charts.pdf
PNWER-produced chart of polar icebreakers, updated as of February 2012. The icebreakers are presented by nation and classified through size, as well as non-operational, future, and planned status.

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Statewide Design and Engineering Services > Bridge Design
Bridge Design develops plans, specifications, and estimates for bridges and other public infrastructure at the state-level in Alaska. Resources include annual Alaska Bridge Reports, test results and research, Alaska Multistate Bridge Rail Crash Tests, and the Alaska Highway Drainage Manual.

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities > Statewide Design and Engineering Services >
Design & Construction Standards
The Design and Construction Standards Section establishes statewide policy, procedures, and standards for the design and construction of highways and airports, develops technical manuals, reviews right-of-way appraisals and just compensation, and manages the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Resources include publications, ePermits access, standard specifications, and various guides and forms.

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities > Roads to Resources
Text descriptions of Alaska's various roads to resource road projects, including the roads to Umiat and Tanana.

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