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Arctic Health
A central source for information on diverse aspects of the arctic environment and the health of northern peoples. Resources include publication databases, media presentations, traditional healing, food and water, and health topics.

Alaska Native Medical Center
Run by the Alaska Native Tribal Consortium, the ANMC is charged with serving the inpatient and outpatient needs of all Alaska Natives.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Owned and run by Alaska Native tribal governments and their regional non-profit organizations, the Alaska Native Tribal Consortium manages statewide health services for Alaska Natives.

Alaska Native Science Commission
The Commission seeks to facilitate the inclusion of local and traditional knowledge into research and science. Resources on the site include publications, reports, research and project information, and a key issues section.

Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)
SLiCA is an international joint effort of research and indigenous people to measure and understand living conditions in the Arctic. It measures Arctic living, documents and compares the present state of living conditions among the indigenous peoples of the Arctic, and seeks to improve the understanding of living conditions to the benefit of Arctic residents.

US Arctic Research Commission > Behavioral and Mental Health Research in the Arctic
Report on the proceedings of the Behavioral and Mental Health Research in the Arctic Strategy Setting Meeting, June 2009.

US Arctic Research Commission > Water and Sanitation Briefing for State of Alaska (July 2011)
Information and recommendations for policy makers about the impact of unmet water and sewer needs on health and the quality of life in rural Alaska and ways to remedy the situation.

US National Library of Medicine > Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness
Native Voices is an exhibition at the National Library of Medicine that also provides audio, visual, and written resources for the health perspectives of Native American and Alaska Native tribes.