Economics > Fisheries

Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association
CBSFA is the management organization for St. Paul Island under the Western Alaska Community Development Quota Program and seeks to develop a viable, self-sustaining, and independent fisheries development organization. Resources include annual reports, media, extensive programs and projects, and community outreach.

NOAA Coastal Services Center > Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW)
ENOW provides time-series data on the ocean and Great Lakes economy. A feature called Coastal County Snapshots allows users to access data by county. Data, tools, case studies, and training, as well as sections on georeferencing, geographic footprints, and economic indicators are available.

NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office > Alaska Regional Office > Restricted Access Management
Restricted Access Management contains information on relevant permits, licenses, and reports. RAM programs, as well as relevant reports, online services, forms, and permit lists, are available.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game: Anadromous Waters Catalog
Maps and datasets of the various lakes, rivers, streams, and lakes that are important to anadromous fishes. All of Alaska, as well as the Alaskan Arctic, are covered.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Commercial Fisheries: Information by Fishery

An information resource for commercial fishing in Alaska. An overview of fisheries complements in-depth information on specific fisheries, including shellfish, dive species, and salmon. Additional resources include information by geographic area, news releases, and reporting resources.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Groundfish and Shellfish Statistical Area Charts Statewide

Statistical area charts for groundfish and shellfish across Alaska, in effect as of 2009. Charts are specific to species and region and downloadable as pdfs.