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Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects > Briefing Room
The Briefing Room at Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects provides access to multiple economic resources, including whit papers, fact sheets, news, and presentations.

Alaska Gas Line: The Pipe Files
A searchable collection of Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline work going back 40 years. Resources are organized into sections such as Project Proposals, Economics, Canadian Government, and US Government Research.

Alaska Gas Pipeline Project
A collaboration between TransCanada and ExxonMobil to design, develop, construct and operate a large-diamter natural gas pipeline to commercialize Alaska's North Slope Natural gas. The site contains information about the project.

American Petroleum Institute > Oil and Natural Gas Overview > Alaska
A thorough overview of oil and gas development in northern Alaska. Resources include resource assessment and future prediction reports and links to relevant government sites and resources.

Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System (ARCTIS)  
ARCTIS is a Norwegian initiative and a gateway to know-how for businesses, governments, and the educational community on shipping, transportation infrastructure, logistics and non-living resources in the Arctic. Topics are organized into categories that include Arctic Transportation Research, Marine Transport and Logistics, and Arctic Energy and Mineral Resources.

Arctic Wells: News and Perspectives on the Arctic Oil and Gas Rush
A news site that focuses on the oil and gas industry and expansion in the Arctic. Resources include news articles, maps, reports,  and a historical outline of energy enterprises in the Arctic.

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)    
NETL supports DOE’s mission to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States through expertise in coal, natural gas, and oil technologies, contract and project management, analysis of energy systems, and international energy issues. Resources include energy analysis publications, smart gird analyses, and baseline studies.

Offshore International
Offshore is a Norwegian and English language oil and gas newspaper. Articles are arranged into categories such as company news, exploration, renewables, and subsea and technology.

PAME > Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines
2009 report that offers offshore oil and gas guidelines for the Arctic. The reports includes an environmental impact assessment and environmental monitoring, safety and environmental management, and operating practices.

“Possible Major Alaska Gas Pipeline Routes” Map
“Possible Major Alaska Gas Pipeline Routes” map that features existing pipelines, the proposed gas pipeline to Alberta, Canada, and possible LNG pipeline project routes.

Society of Petroleum Engineers 
SPE serves those in the oil and gas industry. Resources on the site include Petrowiki, information by discipline and by region, publications, and events.

State of Alaska > Gas Pipeline Project Office
GPPO is the state office that monitors efforts by the Alaska Pipeline Project. The site offers presentations, progress reports, news and media resources, and historical information.

State of Alaska, Division of Oil & Gas > North Slope Oil and Gas Activity Map
A map of northern Alaska that shows proposed and drilled North Slope oil and gas wells as of 2012, along with additional comments about permitting, testing, and other activities.

US Fish and Wildlife Service > Potential Impacts of Proposed Oil and Gas Development on the Arctic Refuge's Coastal Plain: Historical Overview and Issues of Concern
Reports and information about the history and future of oil and gas in northern Alaska. The site offers maps, reports, imagery, and other resources.

World Petroleum Council
An international organization that brings together the various sectors of society to discuss issues both internal and external to the petroleum industry. Resources on the site include guides, publications, education series, and events.

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Assessment of Reserves

Society of Petroleum Engineers > Guidelines for the Evaluation of Petroleum Reserves and Resources
2001 report that addresses multiple aspects of the evaluation process for petroleum reserves and resources. Topics covered include classifications and definitions, operational issues, aggregation or reserves, and seismic applications, among others.

US Bureau of Land Management > National Petroleum Reserve—Alaska
Information about operations, leasing, lease sales (1999 to present), oil and gas activity, and more for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. Additional resources include publications, imagery, and an online information center.

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Environmental Response Management Application® (ERMA) > Off-Shore Oil Leases
Off shore oil and gas lease layers are integrated and synthesized through real-time and static datasets.

State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources > Tundra Travel Modeling Project
In order to test the possibility of expanding the oil and gas exploration season for the North Slope, the study analyzed the changes on tundra test plots as various vehicles were driven on the plots during various stages of tundra freeze up and snow conditions.

US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management > Offshore Stats and Facts > Alaska
The site presents statistics and facts regarding historical leasing information, reserve estimates, resource assessments, and miscellaneous resource evaluation data for Alaska. Further resources include a library, congressional testimony, and fact sheets.

US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management > National Petroleum Reserve—Alaska
Leasing and documentation concerning the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. Lease sales documentation and maps cover transactions from 1999-2012.

USGS > Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal: Estimates of Undiscovered Oil and Gas North of the Arctic Circle
A 2008 report that addresses undiscovered Arctic Circle oil and gas estimates. The report includes maps, imagery, and a chart to reach estimates for the entire Arctic region.

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Oil Spill Research

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) > Oil Spill Response Research Project Categories

Collection of reports related to Arctic Oil Spill Response Research. Topic categories include mechanical clean up, in situ burn, chemical treating agents, and remote sensing.

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) > Innovative Oil Spill Research
CRELL research projects on detecting and mitigating the effects of oil spills. Resources include fact sheets, technical notes, reports, and pages dedicated to topics such as sea ice.

Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA)
ERMA is an interactive map that brings together real-time and static datasets through multi-topic layers that address topics such as bathymetry, marine debris, coastal resources and habitats, and land use and land cover, among others.

Pew Environment Group > Oil Spill Prevention and Response in the U.S. Arctic Ocean: Unexamined Risks Unacceptable Consequences

2010 report that addresses the unique Arctic environment and the challenges presented as a result of the growing presence of the oil and gas industry there.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game > Most Environmentally Sensitive Areas (MESA) Project,
Oil Spill Contingency Maps
Data represent the 68 most environmentally sensitive areas along the Alaska coastline that could be affected by an oil spill.

US Arctic Research Commission > Oil Spills in Arctic Waters: An Introduction and Inventory of Research Activities and USARC Recommendations
/publications/white papers/oil_spills_2012.html

2012 white paper that is a compilation of research on oil spills in ice-covered Arctic waters and recommendations for future work. The marine oil spill efforts by multiple entities are highlighted, including federal agencies, nonprofits, and industry.

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Oil Companies

Alaska Pipeline Project
Begun in 2009, APP is a collaborative project between ExxonMobil and TransCanada. Resources on the site include a media center and project information.

Alyeska Pipeline > Trans-Alaska Pipe (TAPS)
TAPS website that presents all aspects of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Resources include overviews, a news center with fact sheets and press releases, and a newsletter.

BP in Alaska
BP Alaska page that presents BP’s presence and endeavors in the Arctic. Resources include the Northern Report, facts and figures, and other documents.

ConocoPhillips in Alaska

ConocoPhillips’ site dedicated to it activities in Alaska. Resources include a news center, a page dedicated to sustainable development, and a community page, with an overview of safety and environment endeavors.

ConocoPhillips in Alaska > Sustainable Development
ConocoPhillips Alaska presents the company’s activities in Alaska. The Sustainable Developments section provides information in categories such as Technology and Development, Health and Safety, and Environment. Additional resources include an Alaska news center and multiple community program.

Exxon Mobil Corporation, TransCanada: Alaska Pipeline Project
Collaborative Alaska Pipeline Project page. Resources on the site include project information, which includes field an engineering studies, and a media center, with news releases and videos.

Pioneer Natural Resources > Alaska
Pioneer is a mid-sized company that discovered the Oooguruk oil field in 2003. It is currently also active in the onshore Torok wells.

Shell in Alaska

Shell in Alaska provides information on Shell’s activities and goals in Alaska. Resources include development and exploration information, studies, reports, and plans, as well as a news section and a newsletter.

Shell in Alaska > Studies, Reports and Plans
Studies, reports, and plans provided by Shell in Alaska that address economic, scientific, exploratory, and developmental aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Shell in the Arctic
Shell’s Arctic website. Resources include pages dedicated to specialized topics, including protecting biodiversity, Arctic technology, and oil spill prevention and response, as well as fact sheets, briefing notes, and videos.

Statoil Exploration North America
Statoil publication that presents all of its offshore and onshore activities in North America. Statoil’s activities in Alaska are presenting, including its environmental baseline monitoring collaboration with other companies.

TransCanada is one of the developers of the Alaska Pipeline Project. The official website provides key project information, a media center, as well as reports and publications.

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Alaska Center for the Environment > Coal Development in Alaska

Alaska Center for the Environment is a nonprofit that seeks to limit coal extraction in Alaska. Resources on the site include pages dedicated to specific coal development projects and information on specific coal-related topics.

Alaska Coal
Alaska Coal is the information repository for a coalition of entities that are working to prevent the impact of Alaska’s coal on global climate change and on Alaska’s land, watersheds, and people. Resources include site-specific information, imagery, and links to other initiatives.

Coal Diver > Alaska
Informational coal development site that offers documents, imagery, historical production, and proposed mine information for coal in Alaska.

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) > Arctic Energy Office > Alaska Coal

NETL provides research on the economic and environmentally sound development of Alaska's coal resources. Resources on the site include site-specific reports and assessments, overviews of technology, environmental information, and research and news information.

USGS > Alaska Coal Geology, Resources, and Coalbed Methane Potential

2004 report that addresses coal-specific topics in detail. The classification of coal resources, as well as Alaska coal origins and several site-specific assessments, are in the report.

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Marine Cadastre
An integrated marine information system that provides ocean data, offshore planning tools, and technical support to the offshore renewable energy industry. Further resources include datasets, maps, and planning tools and applications.

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

REAP is a collaboration between various entities who have an interest in developing Alaska’s vast renewable energy resources. Resources on the site include conference materials, the REAP Clean Energy Forum, and various programs and events.

US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement > Reports Related to Renewable Energy Research
BSEE works to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve resources offshore through vigorous regulatory oversight and enforcement. Resources include a library, fact sheets, congressional testimony, and news briefs, among others. Topics are arranged into categories which include Regulations and Guidance, Inspections and Enforcement, and Research and Training.

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USGS Energy Resources Program > Alaska
The Energy Resources Program presents energy-related efforts currently under way in Alaska. Resources include publications, a digital geologic map compilation, datasets, and presentations of research projects and assessments, as well as the National Coal Resources Data System.

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