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Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS);jsessionid=04F61D56E2E06DB232535AAAD0BC1A7B
ACADIS is a collaborative effort to offer data archival, preservation and access for all projects funded by NSF's Arctic Science Program. ACADIS provides access to these datasets and resources.

Alaska Native Science Commission
The Commission seeks to facilitate the inclusion of local and traditional knowledge into research and science. Resources on the site include publications, reports, research and project information, and a key issues section.

Arctic Circle
University of Connecticut's “Arctic Circle” is a multi-topic information portal including information on natural resources, history and culture, social equity, and environmental justice. Resources include databases, external links, articles, and maps, among others.

Arctic Institute of North America
The Arctic Institute’s mandate is to advance the study of the North American and circumpolar Arctic through the natural and social sciences, the arts and humanities and to acquire, preserve and disseminate information on physical, environmental and social conditions in the North. Resources include databases, publications, research, and a news section.

First Alaskans Institute
The Institute helps develop the capacities of Alaska Native people and their communities to meet the social, economic and educational challenges of the future. Resources on the site include a library, projects, community outreach, and media.

Frontier Scientists
Frontier Scientists observe and share breaking scientific news in archaeology, geology, anthropology, the humanities, biology, marine biology, ecology, and chemistry, among others. Topics such as Paleo-Eskimo Arctic archaeology, Cook Inlet volcanoes, unmanned aircraft research, and petroglyphs are presented through videos and articles. Other resources include a media room and newsletter.

Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC)
IARPC develops national Arctic research policy five-year Federal research plans to implement ARPA. The five year plan describes research priorities that are expected to benefit from interagency collaboration.

International Arctic Science Committee
IASC aims to facilitate and promote cooperation in the Arctic. Working groups cover areas of expertise such as terrestrial, marine, and cryosphere, each with publications and other resources. Action and Advisory Groups offer additional resources.

International Arctic Social Sciences Association
IASSA seeks to promote and stimulate international cooperation in the social sciences in both national and international Arctic research. Resources on the site include publications, news and a newsletter, and meeting and membership information.

International Polar Foundation > SciencePoles
SciencePoles is a polar science resource, offering the general public a window into the world of polar science. The website presents research activities and developments in Arctic and Antarctic research over a broad range of scientific disciplines. Resources on the site include articles, interviews, a news section, and events.

North Pacific Research Board (NPRB)
NPRB is interested in funding research that will further understanding of the marine ecosystem in the Bering Strait and Arctic Ocean (especially the U.S. Chukchi and Beaufort seas). The first phase of the NPRB Arctic research program involves a synthesis of existing scientific and traditional knowledge of the Arctic marine ecosystem and an identification of research needs to help plan potential, upcoming research programs that may be undertaken in cooperation with other organizations. Resources on the site include projects, program management, news, and science research plans.

The Arctic Governance Project
AGP frames the critical issues of governance in the Arctic and devise innovative responses for a sustainable future. Resources include a multi-topic compendium containing 1244 articles, reports, and Action Agenda.