Reference > Datasets

Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS)
A joint effort to provide data archival, preservation, and access for all projects funded by NSF's Arctic Science Program (ARP). Disciplines covered include the Atmosphere, Data Management and Coordination, Education and Outreach, Human Dimensions, Hydrology and Terrestrial Cryosphere, Interdisciplinary Studies, Ocean and Sea Ice, Supporting Data Sets, and Terrestrial Ecosystems.

Alaska Community Database Online (CDO)
The CDO presents a summary of the most frequently asked questions about each community in Alaska. Searches include community locations, population, taxes, climate, history, culture, demographics, utilities, schools, health care, economy, transportation, and major contacts for Alaskan communities.

Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) > Data Resources
The AOOS Data Resources page presents interactive maps and data tools, such as the Real-time Sensor Map and the Model Explorer and staging and layering data tools, such as the Arctic Data Integration Portal and the AOOS Research Workspace. Regional pages and special projects are also accessible.

Arctic Circle
University of Connecticut's “Arctic Circle” is a multi-topic information portal including information on natural resources, history and culture, social equity, and environmental justice. Resources include databases, external links, articles, and maps, among others.

Arctic Collaborative  Environment
Arctic Collaborative  Environment (ACE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) is an internet-based, open-access, Arctic focused, environmental research and decision support system. It integrates data from existing remote sensing assets with products from existing and new environmental models to provide monitoring, analysis, and visualization based on earth observation data and modeling.

Arctic Data
Data and publications from several Arctic Council-led working groups, facilitating data access. Topics addressed include biodiversity, shipping, topography, and the human dimension, among others.

Arctic Health > Publications Database

The Database contains bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to full-text journal articles, reports, newspapers, conference proceedings, grey literature, and other documents and non-print materials.

Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment > Resources

A collection of databases, conference proceedings, reports, monitoring programs, and projects that address subjects such as oil spills, hydrocarbon impact, and environmental concerns.

Committee on the Marine Transportation System > Data Portal
CMTS is the latest Federal effort to coordinate the myriad partners involved in the Marine Transportation System (MTS). The Data Portal is a comprehensive inventory of available web-based information regarding MTS. > Ocean, Coast, and Great Lakes Planning Data entry point to 107 datasets. Datasets include Arctic region data and Alaska/Arctic region Ocean science planning efforts. > Regional Planning Efforts Data
Regional planning efforts, materials and documents for the Alaska/ Arctic Region. Resources include atlases, data explorers, and observation systems.

Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA)
GINA a mechanism for sharing data and technical capacity among Alaskan, Arctic, and world communities and promotes government collaboration by increasing community-wide participation in the discovery and use of geospatial data. Resources include data and data services, projects, and multiple other resources.

Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage > Internal Publications Database
Reports, books, and periodicals from the 1960s to the present related to social policy, social systems, education, energy, environment, economy, fiscal policy, and fisheries research in Alaska.

International Arctic Research Center (IARC) Data Archive
IARC Data Archive seeks to improve access to and integrated use of Arctic climate-change data and information, provide long term archival storage of Arctic climate-change data, and support decision making. Resources on the site include applications, datasets, directories, and model output, among others.

International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere > Data at a Glance
The IASOA Archive links and inventories the different types of measurements from all of its observatories and provides links for accessing the data either through on-line, openly accessible archives or through institutional contacts for requesting data.

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) > National Status and Trends Data Portal
The Portal contains datasets organized into the Biological, Chemical, Physical, and Toxicological categories, each of which lead to additional multiple subcategories.

National Snow and Ice Data Center > Data at NSDIC
NSIDC offers hundreds of scientific data sets for research that is focused on the cryosphere and its interactions. Resources on the site include data collections, satellite imagery, field observations, and data analysis tools, among others.

Polar Data Catalogue
The PDC was developed to provide the data and information management infrastructure for the Canadian cryospheric community. Along with a resource section, the PDC allows users to use an interactive map to search for datasets.

Polar Data Catalogue > Geospatial Search
Two searchable databases, Polar Data Catalogue and RADATSAT Polar Science Dataset, with access to multiple datasets and metadata.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys > Publications Search
Publications, maps, and database search engine for Alaska agencies such as DGGS, MIRL, USBM, as well as USGS. Other search engines and geospatial data are also available.

USGS Alaska Geospacial Data Clearinghouse
A collection of datasets and other tools by the Alaska Geospacial Data Committee. Datasets include ecosystem initiative such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Geospatial Data Base and the Bering and Chukchi Sea Databases, as well as datasets organized by agency and affiliation.

USGS > Core Science Analytics and Synthesis > Metadata
USGS Core Science Metadata Clearinghouse. Search formats include publications, maps and data, and tools and software. Data providers include USGS, international Long Term Ecological Research sites, and Core Science Partner Nodes, among others.

USGS Ocean Biogeographic Information System USA (OBIS-USA)
OBIS draws marine data from government, academic, and NGO sources into a searchable database of 84,220 unique taxa and over seven million records that originate from 149 other databases.

USGS/State of Alaska Division of Forestry > Forest Health Monitoring Clearinghouse
Dataset clearinghouse covering insects, disease, vegetation, fires, and climate topics. Additional subjects include geology, permafrost, hydrography, and soils.

US Navy > Submarine Arctic Science Program (SCICEX)
SCICEX is a federal interagency collaboration among the operational Navy, research agencies, and the marine research community to use nuclear-powered submarines for scientific studies of the Arctic Ocean. Resources on the site include data inventory, publications, programs, and news.