At a time when the world is increasingly interested in the Arctic, and when many decisions are being made by public agencies, private industry, and individuals that will impact the development of this region, it is essential that relevant research and information be easy to find and access.

To facilitate access to the broad array of data available on the Arctic, this portal can be thought of as a library of links (URLs) to websites where Arctic data are made publicly available. The portal directs users to appropriate websites based on topic and short description (e.g., Arctic weather, sea ice conditions, fisheries information, Arctic oceanography, oil spill response research). The portal is neither an interactive website where data from one or more sources can be combined, integrated, or analyzed, nor is it a site where data are archived. Instead, it is a tool that directs users to available information on the Arctic sorted in the main categories of Society, Environment, Economics, Reference, and Organizations.


The focus of the Arctic Science Portal is on the US Arctic as defined by the Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984, though many non-US sites with relevant Arctic data are also included.


The Arctic Science Data Portal is designed for a wide audience, including elected officials, research scientists, regulators, reporters, students, and the general public.