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September 20, 2013

The House of Representatives will look to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government into Fiscal Year 2014. The Senate is in recess.



"Ghosts of subsistence past" raised before US Senate as Natives, Alaska scuffle in Congress. "Old battles over subsistence resurfaced in the U.S. Senate Thursday, as state officials and Native leaders sought allies in the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee. 'The state's subsistence laws have effectively been gutted,' said Rosita Worl, chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives' Subsistence Committee." Alaska Dispatch


Begich joins colleagues to mark 5th anniversary of Keystone XL Pipeline application. "U.S. Sen. Mark Begich today joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by Republican Sen. John Hoeven (N.D.) as well as leaders from business and labor to mark the fifth anniversary of TransCanada's original application for the Keystone XL pipeline project with no decision from President Obama. 'It's frustrating that we are still standing here, five years later, pressing the President to approve this common-sense project,' said Begich. 'The reasons to approve this pipeline are straightforward and simple: the Keystone XL pipeline would offer secure supply of energy from a trusted ally, create much-needed jobs, and provide a boost to our economy. It's time for this administration to quit dragging its feet and approve this energy source once and for all.'" Alaska Business Monthly


EPA Administration to press ahead with carbon limits. "The Obama administration on Friday announced that it was not backing down from a confrontation with the coal industry and would press ahead with enacting the first federal carbon limits on the nation's power companies. The proposed regulations, announced at the National Press Club by Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, are an aggressive move by Mr. Obama to bypass Congress on climate change with executive actions he promised in his inaugural address this year. The regulations are certain to be denounced by House Republicans and the industry as part of what they call the president's 'war on coal.'" New York Times


Russian military storm Greenpeace Arctic oil protest ship. "Armed Russian military have stormed a Greenpeace ship protesting against oil exploitation in remote Arctic waters. According to the last communications from the Arctic Sunrise before all contact was cut at around 4.30pm BST, the Russians dropped guards on to the deck of the vessel by rope from a helicopter, rounded up the Greenpeace crew and broke into the wheel house and communications rooms. Tweets from three people who locked themselves into a secure area on the ship said: 'This is pretty terrifying. Loud banging. Screaming in Russian. They're still trying to kick in the door'. Another said: 'Crew are sitting on their knees on the helipad with guns pointed at them.'" The Guardian



Coast Guard icebreakers to recover chopper lost in Arctic waters: DFO. "Two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers, the Henry Larsen and the , will work to recover its Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm Bo-105 helicopter, which crashed Sept. 9 in the Arctic Ocean near Banks Island, Fisheries and Oceans Canada said Sept. 18. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigation into the crash, which killed the three people on board the helicopter - Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Daniel Dub