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May 17, 2013



The House is expected to pass legislation regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission . The Senate is not in session.



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permafrost Research into Carbon Storage in Arctic Tundra Reveals Unexpected Insight into Ecosystem Resiliency. When UC Santa Barbara doctoral student Seeta Sistla and her adviser, environmental studies professor Josh Schimel, went north not long ago to study how long-term warming in the Arctic affects carbon storage, they had made certain assumptions. "We expected that because of the long-term warming, we would have lost carbon stored in the soil to the atmosphere," said Schimel. The gradual warming, he explained, would accelerate decomposition on the upper layers of what would have previously been frozen or near-frozen earth, releasing the greenhouse gas into the air. Because high latitudes contain nearly half of all global soil carbon in their ancient permafrost -- permanently frozen soil -- even a few degrees' rise in temperature could be enough to release massive quantities, turning a carbon repository into a carbon emitter. Phys.Org 


New Book: Arctic Calls- Finland, the European Union and the Arctic Region. Europe Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, published on Thursday 16th May 2013 the book Arctic Calls - Finland, the European Union and the Arctic Region. The book is written by Head of Science Communications Markku Heikkil