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July 3, 2013

The House of Representatives and the Senate are on recess this week for the Fourth of July.

If you missed last week's update... 

Arctic experience sought for advisory panel. "Federal land managers are looking for six people with experience in the Arctic to serve on an advisory panel as part of the North Slope Science Initiative. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, in a notice in Wednesday's Federal Register, said nominations to the Science Technical Advisory Panel must be received within 30 days. The initiative is a local, state and federal effort to identify the research needed in conjunction with development work on Alaska's North Slope. The panel has up to 15 scientists and technical experts in a variety of fields - from petroleum engineers to subsistence hunters. Six positions are up for nomination. Terms are three years."

For more information or to nominate someone, contact: 

John F. Payne, executive director, North Slope Science Initiative, AK-910, c/o Bureau of Land Management, 222 W. Seventh Avenue, 13, Anchorage, AK 99513, call 907-271-3431 or email 

Nominations are due July 26th, 2013. Forms are available on the initiative website,

Forget the fish, Alaska's share of revenue too small to allow Pebble. "When I hear and read all this endless blather over the Pebble copper and gold deposits in the Iliamna area, the first thing that comes to my mind is 'What do I and the other Alaskans who own this deposit get if and when the mine goes into production?' Or to show my greed, 'How much will it put in the Permanent Fund?' Unless our state Legislature takes some action, we will be giving our wealth away under the 1872 Mining Act." Alaska Dispatch 


Alaska keeps pressure on TransCanada over gas pipeline. "The state is trying to keep the pressure on a Canadian company as it seeks to advance efforts to build a major natural gas pipeline in Alaska. The commissioners of Revenue and Natural Resources last month agreed to a project plan amendment that would give TransCanada Corp. an additional year - until October 2015 - to file an application with federal regulators for a pipeline that would run from the North Slope into Alberta, Canada. TransCanada Corp. holds an exclusive license with the state to advance a major line." Anchorage Daily News


Changing storm tracks can have climatic and ecological consequences in the Barents Sea. "Scientists at the Institute of Marine Research and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen have found a new answer to an old climate question. Among other things it has been demonstrated that low-pressure systems that go further north than normal cause greater oceanic heat loss than normal." Barents Observer


New Chinese foothold in Russian Arctic. "After having secured stakes in three of Rosneft's offshore fields in the Barents Sea, the CNPC moves on with the acquisition of a 20 percent stake in Novatek's Yamal LNG project. The agreement signed by the two companies during the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum includes the CNPC's acquisition of a key stake in the project and a Chinese commitment to buy an annual 3 million tons of Russian LNG, as well as joint efforts in recruiting additional Chinese investors to the project." Barents Observer


Summer sea ice cover is smaller, younger, thinner. "Looking at not just the area, but also the age and thickness of sea ice is a key aspect of understanding why an ice-free Arctic summer could occur in far less time than previously thought - perhaps less than a decade from now. It is also a level of complexity often ignored by the media. And this is not to say that the area loss in itself is not significant. Nal