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 January 14, 2013

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16 Companies Express Interest in North Slope Natural Gas Project, Including GVEA, Fairbanks Natural Gas and New Borough Gas Utility. As part of Gov. Sean Parnell's Plan to help get a North Slope gas plant built, the state asked for letters of interest a month ago. Sixteen entities responded with a mixture of general statements and detailed plans. GVEA, Fairbanks Natural Gas and a company headed by Ray Latchem, who built Fairbanks Natural Gas, are among the companies that submitted plans. Fairbanks Daily News- Miner


Polar bear Federal Judge Vacates Plan Designating Polar Bear Habitat, Says It Went too Far. A federal judge in Alaska has set aside a plan designating more than 187,000 square miles as habitat for threatened polar bears. U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline said in a written order that the purpose behind the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designation was admirable, because it is important to protect the polar bear. But he said such protection must be done correctly, and found the current designation went too far and was "too extensive." Washington Post 


Prince William Sound Salmon Forecast: Sockeyes Up, Kings Sink. Preliminary forecasts for Copper River salmon fisheries for 2013 predict a slight increase in sockeye harvests by all user groups, but a plunge in the catch of kings. The forecast issued Jan 2 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game predicts a run of 2,240,000 reds into the Copper River fishery, up from the forecast of 2,150,000 fish in 2012, with a harvest of 1,500,000 reds, up from 1,430,000 fish in 2012. Alaska Dispatch


Arctic Port Study. The Alaska DOT&PF and the Army Corps of Engineers are co-sponsoring a three-year Alaska Deep Draft Arctic Ports Study to evaluate potential deepwater port locations.  The Arctic coast is experiencing increased vessel traffic, a reason for concern for the State of Alaska and federal agencies. An Alaskan Arctic port would serve as a major infrastructure asset and the northernmost port for the US Coast Guard (USCG), the US Navy, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in protecting and patrolling an important US coastline. Alaska Department of Transportation


Climate Change May Benefit Most Mammals That Live in Northern Europe's Arctic and Sub-Arctic Land Areas in Short Run. The climate changes depicted by climatologists up to the year 2080 will benefit most mammals that live in northern Europe's Arctic and sub-Arctic land areas today if they are able to reach their new climatic ranges. This is the conclusion drawn by ecologists at Ume