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 February 7, 2013

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The Senate will consider a bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act for five years. William "Mo" Cowan of Massachusetts will be sworn in to temporarily fill former Senator John Kerry's seat. The House is not in session.



president signingA Look at Obama's Remaining Cabinet Picks. President Obama on Wednesday chose Sally Jewell, chief executive of the outdoor retailer REI, to succeed Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary and may be on the verge of picking hotel heiress and longtime supporter Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary. Here is a look at the changes Obama has made to his Cabinet so far and the jobs he still needs to fill: Government Executive



Nomination Battles are Flourishing. President Barack Obama, who once fantasized about a dream Cabinet fashioned after Abraham Lincoln's "Team of Rivals," now faces the less glamorous task of filling his second-term Cabinet. And that process - like so many other polarizing subjects in Washington these days - has not been easy. Obama's rumored first choice for secretary of State, United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice, withdrew her name from consideration after Republicans launched a campaign against her because of public comments she made in the aftermath of the September terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. And Obama's selections for Defense, Treasury and the CIA have faced similar troubles as senators seek answers on everything from that terrorist attack to the classified drone program and the administration's outlook for Medicare. Congressional Quarterly


Alaska Delegation Responds to Obama Pick. Members of Alaska's congressional delegation offered restrained statements Wednesday about President Obama's nomination of the head of a national outdoors equipment retailer to be his interior secretary. Both Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Mark Begich are interested in reviewing Ms. Jewell's qualifications before supporting her nomination. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner


The Arctic: Tequila Sunset. ON SEPTEMBER 16th 2012, at the height of the summer melt, the Arctic Ocean's ice sheet had shrunk to an area of 3.41m square kilometres (1.32m square miles), half what it was in 1979. And its volume had shrunk faster still, to a quarter of what it was in 1979, for the sheet is getting thinner as well as smaller. One culprit is global warming, which is fiercer at the poles than elsewhere. The world's average temperature in 2012 was nearly 0.5