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December 23, 2013


capital Today's Congressional Action: 

The House and Senate have adjourned for the year.   




Five Myths About the North Pole. Forget Santa Claus's ethnicity - what's his nationality? Canada's recent announcement that it may try to extend its territory to include the North Pole has led to a debate over who owns this Arctic area, about 1.3 times the size of the United States. [The Washington Post] considers some of the biggest misconceptions about the North Pole and how its landscape is changing. The Washington Post


Mercury Levels in Arctic Fish Lower Than Once Thought, Study Shows. Most environmental news these days is bad news but a new study on the mercury levels in fish has offered some hope. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that mercury in continental Arctic fish have lower levels of the toxic substance than once thought. The multinational group of scientists analyzed burbot fish in the Lena and the Mezen, two rivers in the north of Russia. Global Post


Danish Navy to Build New Arctic Ship. Denmark has become the latest Arctic power to announce that it will be adding to its military hardware in the increasingly contested region. The Royal Danish Navy announced last week that it had selected a contractor to build the third of three planned Arctic-class vessels used to support research efforts, participate in search and rescue and enforce territorial sovereignty. Arctic Journal


Rovaniemi, Finland to Host Forestry Conference. Some 150 participants from around Europe are expected to visit the Lapland town for the three-day event. Director of Finnish forestry organization Mets