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May 18, 2012


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The House is expected to vote on passage of the FY 2013 Department of Defense authorization bill. The Senate is not in session.




inuit childrenAncient History of Circumarctic Peoples Illuminated. Two studies led by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and National Geographic's Genographic Project reveal new information about the migration patterns of the first humans to settle the Americas. The studies identify the historical relationships among various groups of Native American and First Nations peoples and present the first clear evidence of the genetic impact of the groups' cultural practices. Science Daily


HarperJohn Ivison: Stephen Harper's Arctic Sovereignty Legacy Starting to Cool Off. Arctic sovereignty is often seen as Stephen Harper's signature legacy project. Every summer, the Prime Minister heads north to indulge in an expensively choreographed photo opportunity, flanked by CF-18 fighters and half the Royal Canadian Navy. Two years ago, he boasted about the millions Canada was spending to defend its interests, including $495-million for new Radarsat satellites. "The eyes on these satellites will pick up a breaching whale through the fog in the utter blackness of the Arctic winter," he said. "From Afghanistan to the Arctic, from the coast of Somalia to the shores of Nootka Sound [on Vancouver Island], we will be able to see what the bad guys are up to." National Post 


Oil Drilling in AlaskaGroups Sue Again Over Oil Drilling Off Alaska. A coalition of environmental and tribal groups filed a challenge Wednesday to a federal air-emissions permit for a Royal Dutch Shell PLC drilling ship, the latest legal maneuver aimed at stopping the oil giant's exploration plan off Alaska's Arctic coast. The Obama administration gave Shell the go-ahead last year to move forward with plans to drill for oil in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. The coalition's court challenge targets a ship that Shell plans to deploy for drilling in the Beaufort Sea starting as early as mid-July when the sea-ice clears. Wall Street Journal 


US-Japan Scientific Cooperation Strengthened With Launch of New Environmental Monitoring Satellite. NOAA scientists will use data from a new Japanese polar-orbiting satellite launched earlier today from Tanegashima Space Center, Japan, to help forecast severe storms, monitor the decline of Arctic sea ice, and predict the onset of El Ni