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February 9, 2012

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The Senate will resume consideration of surface transportation legislation. The House will consider insider-trading legislation. Both the House and Senate will be in recess tomorrow.



coldwindsblowingJanuary 2012 Fourth Warmest for Contiguous United States, but Alaska Extremely Cold. During January, warmer-than-average conditions enveloped most of the contiguous United States, with widespread below-average precipitation. The overall weather pattern for the month was reflected in the lack of snow for much of the Northern Plains, Midwest, and Northeast. This scenario was in stark contrast to Alaska where several towns had their coldest January on record. Science Daily 


Arctic Warfare Computer Games Includes Canadian Navy:A new computer game about Arctic warfare will be released this spring. The game, Naval War: Arctic Circle, is set in the Arctic in the year 2030 and includes the HMCS Halifax in simulated sea battles. The world at odds over Arctic sovereignty and resources. "You would be the admiral of the armed forces of your side of whatever conflict," said Norwegian developer Jan Haugland. Over the internet, players would lead Russian or NATO forces in battle. The playing field is 36,000 kilometers of ice-free Arctic waters. CBC News 


USCGlogoRear Adm. Ostebo Meets with Alaska Mayors. Rear Adm. Thomas Ostebo, Coast Guard District 17 commander, spoke with Mayor Shirley Marquardt, of Unalaska, Chris Hladick, Unalaska city manager, Mayor Denise Michels, of Nome, and Capt. Greg Sanial, chief of enforcement, at meeting at District 17 headquarters Feb. 8, 2012. Municipal leaders from Nome, Unalaska and the Northwest Arctic Borough visited Juneau to discuss the Coast Guard's plans for increased Arctic activity this summer. US Coast Guard 



oil spill in open oceanBSEE and NOAA to Complete Arctic Oil Spill Response Mapping Tool. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced today they are partnering to enhance the Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA