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December 19, 2012

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The House will consider several measures under suspension of the rules, including bills on public health security and preparedness programs, infant mortality, child abuse and administrative leave for government employees. The Senate will resume consideration of the emergency supplemental appropriations bill that would help communities hit by Superstorm Sandy. Republican Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona will deliver retirement speeches.



Plumes Across the Pacific Deliver Thousands of Microbial Species to North American West Coast. A surprising number of microorganisms -- 99 percent more kinds than had been reported in findings published just four months ago -- are leaping the biggest gap on the planet. Hitching rides in the upper troposphere, they're making their way from Asia across the Pacific Ocean and landing in North America. Science Daily


Dimensions of Oil and Gas Development in Greenland. The prospect of offshore oil and gas activity in the waters around Greenland constitutes a highly contentious issue in the larger debate on Arctic petroleum development. Given Greenland's special status as a part of the Danish Realm, with a high degree of self-governance and a majority Inuit population, oil and gas drilling there has engaged actors with a wide range of interests. Arctic oil and gas development is often generalised into a two-sided conflict between those who emphasise the protection of the environment and those who seek potential profits, with the interests of local communities variably used in favour of one or the other depending on the area of the region under question. Some of the dimensions that seem to determine much of the actual development are often lost in this dichotomy, to the dismay of those in favour of an informed debate. The Arctic Institute


coldwindsblowingHow Arctic Hurricanes Help Warm Europe. Santa better have hurricane insurance. Every year, there are thousands of cyclones in the Arctic, some with hurricane-force winds. Before satellites spotted these storms, sailors would return from the North with tales of massive squalls appearing out of nowhere, creating waves up to 36 feet (11 meters) high. Discovery


Rolls-Royce to Supply Propeller for Ice-Breaking Bulker. Rolls-Royce has won a contract to supply a high-strength controllable pitch propeller for a new ice-breaking cargo ship that will transport high value nickel and copper concentrates from Canada, through the Arctic ice, to customers in Europe. Canada's Fednav Limited, ordered the 25,000 dwt ship in October to service a long-term contract which Canadian Royalties that provides for the transportation of nickel and copper concentrates from the Nunavik Nickel Project in northern Quebec to customers in Europe as well as the import from Europe of mine supplies and equipment. Canadian Royalties Inc. is a mining company based in Quebec and owned by Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co. Ltd. of China through its Canadian subsidiary Jien Canada Mining Ltd. MarineLog


WolvesWolves Habituate to Humans in Arctic Finland, but Dogs Pay Ultimate Price. The Finnish Wildlife Agency has granted special permits to shoot two wolves in the town of Juuka in east Finland because the animals have repeatedly killed dogs in the area. Meanwhile a gentler approach is being taken against a lone wolf in the town of Pieks