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December 11, 2012

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The Senate will consider Federal Deposit Insurance legislation. The House will consider the National Defense Authorization Act.


99th USARC Meeting, December 10-11, 2012. The US Arctic Research Commission hosts its 99th meeting in Vancouver, BC. This meeting is jointly held with the Canadian Polar Commission.


Marine Mammal Commission meeting on Tribal Consultation, December 10-12, 2012. The Commission plans to meet with representatives of other federal agencies, Alaska Native organizations, the Environmental Law Institute, and other interested parties to review and seek ways to improve consultations between federal agencies and Alaska Native Tribes. The focus will be on the consultation process and will include, but not be limited to, matters involving marine mammals. In the course of the meeting, the Commission expects to discuss issues related to the authorities for Alaska Native consultations, the role of the Indigenous People's Council for Marine Mammals (IPCoMM) in consultations, the relationship between consultation and co-management, and lessons learned from conflict avoidance agreements. 



Tundra fireUS Climatologist: Arctic Circle Should Be No-Fly Zone. A climatologist in the United States says the Arctic Circle should be a no-fly zone for major commercial flights. In a new report, Mark Jacobson, a professor of civil engineering at Stanford University in California, says black soot from commercial jets is attracting heat from the sun. Airlines first started flying over the Arctic in 1998, when Russia agreed to allow other countries to fly planes in its airspace. Alaska Dispatch


Climate Change Creates Grizzly Conflicts in Arctic: Lack of hunting restrictions a concern for bear conservationists. Climate change is pushing tundra grizzlies into Arctic communities where they would not normally be seen, raising issues about human safety and conservation of the bears. Vincent L'H