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Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects
The site offers white papers, fact sheets, presentations, an oil and gas news archive, and guides and maps of various Alaska natural gas projects.

Committee on the Marine Transportation Systems
CMTS is the latest Federal effort to coordinate the myriad partners involved in the Marine Transportation System (MTS). Resources on the site include National Strategy, publications, data portal, and handbooks.
Up to date datasets and tools relating to all aspects of communities (education, energy, safety, etc.), science, and the environment, as well as raw and geospatial data tools.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
The official site of NASA, with multimedia and imagery of the Arctic and arctic ice cover, as well as publications and news articles and the NASA ICE Cryospheric Sciences Program.

NASA ICE Cryospheric Sciences Program
The ICE Cryospheric Sciences Program aims to improve understanding of the cryosphere through long-term aircraft and satellite imagery. Resources on the site include multimedia and data resources, Global Ice Viewer, imagery, and pages dedicated to Ice Sheets and Sea Ice.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The official site of NOAA, with data, maps, publications, and other resources relating to all aspects of the Arctic.

NOAA Arctic Research Program > Russian-American Long-term Census of the Arctic (RUSALCA)
RUSALCA is a joint Russian-American census project that includes sampling and instrument deployment in U.S. and Russian territorial waters. Annual cruise reports, videos, and photos are part of the available resources.

NOAA Arctic Research Program > Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH)
SEARCH is a comprehensive study that uses established observation and modeling capabilities, as well as the compilation of datasets. The three main areas of research are Atmospheric Observations, Sea Ice Observations, and Arctic Change Detection.

NOAA Fisheries > Alaska Fisheries Science Center
AFSC is responsible for research on living marine resources in the coastal oceans off Alaska. In addition to extensive specialized research programs, AFSC resources include data and tools, publications and reports, and species information.  

NOAA Fisheries > National Marine Fisheries Service
NMFS is a gateway to NOAA programs, regional science centers, and specialized regional programs. Fisheries information and regional program sites are complimented by news, multimedia, and educational resources.

NOAA Fisheries > National Marine Fisheries Service > Alaska Regional Office
The Alaska Regional Office offers information on protected species, habitat conservation, fisheries, and specialized programs. Other resources include regulations, news, permits, reports, and species-related online services.

NOAA National Ocean Service
NOS presents research and information on all ocean-related topics, including ecosystems, coastlines, mapping, and navigation. Additional resources include media, news, and data exploration.

NOAA National Ocean Service > Arctic Navigation
NOS Arctic Navigation site that presents areas of concern and research. Topics addressed include geospatial concerns, hydrographic surveying, and international collaboration.

NOAA National Ocean Service > Office of Response and Restoration
OR&R is responsible for providing the science and information needed to support and coordinate with government and nongovernment entities during and after oil and chemical spills. Resources on the site include media, access to spill-specific sites, and spill and restoration information.

NOAA National Weather Service
NWS provides weather imagery, maps, radar, and alerts. Additional resources include media, date information center, past weather and astronomical data, and weather phenomena- specific resources.

NOAA Office of Coast Survey
The Office provides navigation products and services that ensure safe and efficient maritime commerce. Resources on the site include access to nautical charts, publications, and data portals, surveys, GIS tools, and research products.

NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
OAR provides the research foundation for understanding the complex systems that support the planet. Resources on the site are organized into three categories: Climate; Oceans, Great Lakes, and Coasts; and Weather and Air Quality. Each category contains research programs, strategic plans, and information.

NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research > Arctic Research
OAR Arctic Research supports NOAA's Arctic mission to observe and understand Arctic processes and provide information to U.S. policy and decision makers. The page presents Arctic atmospheric observations, RUSALCA, ocean ice thickness buoys, Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH), and other resources and partnerships.

NOAA Satellite and Information Service > National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
NESDIS provides access to global environmental data from satellites and other sources. Resources include data centers, real0time satellite imagery, programs, and news.

National Park Service (NPS)

The official site of NPS, with publications, datasets, policies, and interactive multimedia.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

The official site of NSF, with publications, datasets, policies, and interactive multimedia relating to science in the Arctic.

NSF > Directorate for Geosciences > Division of Polar Programs

The Division of Polar Programs (POLAR) operates research programs for the Arctic and Antarctic. The site provides links to all OPP offices, proposals and awards, publications, and research programs.

NSF > Directorate for Geosciences > Division of Polar Programs > Arctic Sciences
ARC supports scientific research in the Arctic, related research, and operational support. Resources include funding opportunities, publications, news, and additional links to programs, committees, and program.

NSF > Directorate for Geosciences > Division of Polar Programs > Polar Environment, Health and Safety
PEHS manages and oversees the environmental, safety, and health aspects of research and operations conducted in the polar regions. Resources include assessments, logistics and support resources, kits, and field manuals.

Smithsonian Institution (SI)

SI is the home of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC and the Arctic Studies Center in Anchorage. Exhibits and research cover Arctic science and anthropology.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History > Arctic Studies Center
The Arctic Studies Center excavates Arctic sites, supports indigenous efforts to preserve cultural heritage, and works with communities and scholars to share items preserved in museum collections and archives. Resources on the site include publications, research programs, exhibition information, and educational tools.

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
NMAI cares for one of the world's most expansive collections of Native artifacts, including objects, photographs, archives, and media covering the entire Western Hemisphere, including the Arctic Circle. Resources on the site include exhibition, collection and visiting information, as well as multimedia.

US Arctic Research Commission (USARC)  
USARC establishes, promotes, gives guidance and interacts with agencies at all levels regarding the national policy, priorities, and goals necessary to construct a federal program plan for basic and applied scientific research with respect to the Arctic.

US Army
The official website of the US Army.

US Army > Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
The CRREL mission is to solve interdisciplinary, strategically important problems of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Army, DOD, and the Nation by advancing and applying science and engineering to complex environments, materials, and processes in all seasons and climates, with unique core competencies related to the Earth's cold regions.

US Army > US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

USACE implements Arctic research and provides library and multimedia resources related to the Arctic.

US Coast Guard (USCG)
Official website of the US Coast Guard.

USCG Office of Search and Rescue
CG-SAR focuses on minimizing the loss of life, injury, property damage or loss by rendering aid to persons in distress and property in the maritime environment. Program information, manuals and documents, statistics and facts, and news and magazine are available on the site.

USCG Icebreakers Science Operations
Icebreakers offers program information, real-time data, and activity updates for US icebreakers, including the USCGC Healy. Further resources include data, reports, bibliography, science support, cruise planning, and news.

US Department of Defense (DOD)

DOD carried out various Arctic activities and research within its service branches, including the Office of Naval Research, the Naval Oceanography Portal, and the Army Corps of Engineers. The DOD also provides publications on Arctic melting, drilling, and shipping passages, as well as unified command plans and Arctic geographic responsibilities.

DOD Unified Command Plan

The Unified Command Plan establishes the missions and geographic responsibilities among the combatant commanders, including USNORTHCOM and USEUCOM, which cover the Arctic. Resources on the site include multimedia, press resources, and a news section.

US Department of Energy (DOE)

DOE provides maps, publications, and energy resource information.

US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

HHS provides the framework and policy for health and human service issues among Alaska Natives.

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Through the US Coast Guard, DHS offers publications and overviews of Arctic maritime issues and strategies.

US Department of the Interior (DOI)

DOI operates through multiple agencies and departments to address social, cultural, indigenous, scientific, and economic issue across Alaska.

DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIA provides services (directly or through contracts, grants, or compacts) to approximately 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives. The site provides access and information on multiple topic, including land and water resources, tribal government, and policies and regulations. Additional resources include a document library and news.

DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs > Alaska Region
BIA Alaska provides services to the 80,000 Tribal members that make up the 229 Tribes under the Alaska Region jurisdiction.  Events, such as the BIA Tribal Providers Conference, and office information are provided.

DOI Bureau of Land Management

BLM offers oil and gas statistics, active renewal projects, lease information, and in depth information and data on land use projects and issues.

DOI Bureau of Land Management > Alaska
BLM administers approximately 75 million surface acres of federal public land across Alaska. Topics addressed on the site include energy, grazing, species, fires, mining, and recreation. Additional resources include the National Landscape Conservation System, and the Spatial Data Management System.

DOI Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

BOEM offers a newsroom and in depth information on oil and gas energy programs, renewable energy programs, environmental stewardship, guidance and regulations.

DOI Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau offers a projects and facilities database, maps, information on specific infrastructure, and thorough information on it programs, projects, and initiatives.

DOI Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement

BSEE presents information and data on oil and gas research and training, exploration and production, inspections and reinforcement, regulations, and a newsroom.

DOI Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement > Alaska Region
The Alaska Region office oversees more than one billion acres on the Outer Continental Shelf and more than 6,000 miles of coastline. The office is responsible for reviewing Applications for Permit to Drill (APD)s, conducting inspections of drilling rigs and production platforms, and issuing Incidents of Non-Compliance (INC)s.

DOI Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement

OSMRE site provides information, datasets, and publications on all aspects of Arctic mining.

DOI Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement > Alaska Oversight Documents
The Oversight Document System (ODOCS) is a depository library the Office of Surface Mining developed containing oversight documentation related to State/Tribes oversight programs. Resources include access to program documentation, handbooks, publications, and the OSM Technical Library.

US Navy
The official website of the US Navy.

US Navy > Office of Naval Research
ONR provides technical advice to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy. Resources on the site include media, strategic plans, education, and news.

US Navy > Naval Research Lab
NRL is the corporate research laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps and conducts a broad program of scientific research, technology and advanced development. Resources on the site include research, publications, media, and news.

US Navy > Submarine Arctic Science Program (SCICEX)
SCICEX is a federal interagency collaboration among the operational Navy, research agencies, and the marine research community to use nuclear-powered submarines for scientific studies of the Arctic Ocean. Resources on the site include data inventory, publications, programs, and news.

US Department of State
The Department of State uses diplomacy to address Arctic issues with other circumpolar nations.

US Department of State > Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs (OPA)
OPA is responsible for formulating and implementing U.S. policy on international issues concerning the oceans, the Arctic, and Antarctica. Resources on the site include information on objectives and priorities and topic categories, populated with documents and fact sheets.

US Department of Transportation (DOT)
DOT is involved in Arctic maritime issues and access. Resources on the site include maps, articles, and publications.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA is involved in Arctic research and various management, conservation and assessment programs. Resources on the site include overviews of Arctic programs, publications, datasets, regulations, and research categories.

EPA > EPA in Alaska
Alaska is a part of EPA’s Region 10. Resources on the site include assessments, standards, permits, tribal information, mapping, and a news section.

EPA > Region 10: The Pacific Northwest > Tribal Programs
The Region 10 Tribal page presents resources for working with tribal entities, action plans, summit information, and resource guides. Additional resources include grant and funding and air, water, and hazardous waste program information.

US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)

FWS operates in the Alaska Region through various programs. Resources on the site include information on wildlife and habitat, programs,  Alaskan National Wildlife Refuges, and species management.

FWS > Alaska Region
The Alaska Region site presents the many programs that FWS operates in Alaska, including those that address endangered species, ecological services, fire management, wind energy, and strategic habitat conservation. Resources include publications, imagery, and a library.

US Geological Survey (USGS)

USGS is active in Alaska through multiple programs and initiatives. The site provides information on ecosystems, climate, land use, core science systems, water, natural hazards, and environmental health.

USGS > Energy Resources Program > Alaska
USGS energy resource-related programs, studies, and assessments in Alaska that cover areas such as petroleum, coal beds, gas, and geology. Resources on the site include the Digital Geologic Map Compilation, publications, and project research, data, and multimedia.

USGS > U.S. Board on Geographic Names
The Board aims to maintain uniform geographic name usage throughout the Federal Government. Databases cover domestic, foreign, and Antarctic names of places, geographic features, and undersea features. The site also offers brochures and factsheets.

USGS > Climate and Land Use Change Research and Development Program
The program supports fundamental multidisciplinary research needed to address complex issues associated with climate and land use change. Research is organized into themes and resources include publication, projects, and archives.

US Government Accountability Office (GAO)

GAO presents reports and information on the US response to oil dispersants, Arctic capabilities, natural resources, and the environment, among others.

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Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative
The Cooperative seeks to identify and provide information needed to conserve natural and cultural resources by operating projects in various sectors, including management, landscape monitoring, and biological and geophysical programs. Resources on the site include data, maps, publications, reports, presentations and applications.

Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) > Action Team on the Arctic (please click on the Arctic tab)
CMTS explores opportunities for oil and gas exploration, maritime shipping, commercial fishing and tourism as  result of new accessibility to the Arctic.

Extended Continental Shelf Project
The U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Project aims to establish the full extent of the continental shelf of the United States that is consistent with international law. Resources on the site include a glossary, imagery, newsroom, and links to data.

Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC)
IARPC develops national Arctic research policy five-year Federal research plans to implement ARPA. The five year plan describes research priorities that are expected to benefit from interagency collaboration.

Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research (ICCOPR)
ICCOPR prepares a comprehensive, coordinated Federal oil pollution research and development plan and promotes cooperation with diverse entities through information sharing, coordinated planning, and joint funding of projects. Resources include reports and fact sheets, information on stakeholders, and legislation.

Nation Ocean Council
The full content outline of the Changing Conditions in the Arctic Strategic Action Plan.

North Slope Science Initiative
The North Slope Science Initiative is an intergovernmental effort to increase collaboration at the local, state, and federal levels to address the research, inventory, and monitoring needs as they relate to development activities on the North Slope of Alaska.

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Alaska Pipeline Project
Collaborative Alaska Pipeline Project page. Resources on the site include project information, which includes field an engineering studies, and a media center, with news releases and videos.

State of Alaska
The official website of the State of Alaska, with links to government services, offices and divisions.

State of Alaska Department of Administration
The official website of the Alaska Department of Administration. The site links to various services and government divisions, including the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
The official website of the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. The site offers information on business practices in Alaska and links to all internal divisions and agencies.

State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
The official website of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. The site offers information, data, and links to topics such as Spill Prevention and Response, Water Quality, Environmental Health, and the Commissioner’s Office.

State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game
The official website of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The site presents information on all aspects of fishing, hunting, viewing, species, education for diverse audiences, land and water management, and regulations, among others.

State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
The official website of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The site presents labor information and resources for workers, employers, researchers, and other audiences.

State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development > Research and Analysis Section
Research and Analysis presents population and census, wages and employment, occupational and industry information, cost of living and housing information, and local and regional information for all of Alaska. Additional resources include publications and manuals.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources
The official website of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Resources on the site include links to all department divisions, offices, and commissions, as well as a newsroom.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Agriculture
The Alaska Division of Agriculture seeks to romote and encourage development of an agriculture industry. The site offers information on state-level programs and agriculture resources, including reports and manuals.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Forestry
The Alaska Division of Forestry seeks to develop, conserve, and enhance Alaska's forests to provide a sustainable supply of forest resources for Alaskans. The site provides information and resources on wildland fire and aviation, forest management and conservation, forest practices, and timber management, among others.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
The Division determines the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels, and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material, and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures. Resources on the site include the Geologic Materials Center, publications, and maps.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Mining, Land and Water
The Division seeks to provide for the appropriate use and management of Alaska's state owned land and water, aiming toward maximum use consistent with the public interest. Resources on the site include fact sheets, programs such as aquatic farming, mining, and dam safety, and all necessary forms.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Division of Oil and Gas
The Division is responsible for the leasing of state lands for oil, gas, and geothermal exploration. Resources on the site include publications, maps, leasing and permitting information, programs, and GIS products.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Office of History and Archaeology > Alaska Historical Commission
The Commission’s duties include reviewing Alaskan prehistory and history materials, identifying gaps in the published coverage of Alaska's past, and reviewing nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Resources on the site include plans, surveys, projects, and permits.

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources > Office of History and Archaeology >
Alaska's Geographic Names Program
The Alaska Historical Commission reviews names proposed for lakes, streams, mountains, and other physical features in the state. Resources on the site include naming guidelines, applications, and checklists.

State of Alaska > Gas Pipeline Project Office
GPPO is the state office that monitors efforts by the Alaska Pipeline Project. The site offers presentations, progress reports, news and media resources, and historical information.

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List of all Tribal Governments in the United States
Alphabetical list of all federally-recognized Alaska Native and Native American tribes in the United States. Each entry listed links to the tribe’s official website.

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Northwest Arctic Borough
Official website of the Northwest Arctic Borough. Resources on the site include links to all departments, assembly information, history, and imagery of the borough’s communities.

North Slope Borough
Official website of the North Slope Borough. The site offers information on all villages within the borough, programs, and links to all departments.


City of Barrow
Official website of the city of Barrow. Links to the city’s departments, news and events, announcements, and information for diverse audiences are available.

City of Kotzebue
Official website of the city of Barrow. Resources include government and department links, events, news, and links to local media and education.

DCCED website featuring information on Wainwright.  Resources include a general overview, population and housing statistic by decade, and community and regional contacts, among others.

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