PRESS RELEASE | Obama's Executive Order Calls for Federal Coordination and Consultation for the Arctic Region
Posted 1/21/15



PRESS RELEASE | Fran Ulmer Named Special Advisor to State Department on Arctic Science and Policy
Posted 7/17/14

PRESS RELEASE | USARC Lauds the Release of Two NRC Arctic Reports on Oil Spills and Emerging Issues
Posted 4/28/14


PRESS RELEASE | 2013 Arctic Report Card Released Today at AGU Fall Meeting
Posted 12/12/13

NEWS | Alaska's Rural Water and Sanitation Conundrum
Article by Cheryl Rosa in the Fall 2013 issue of Witness the Arctic
Posted 11/22/13

TESTIMONY | Field Hearing of the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee on Health, Viability,
and Rural Food Security
(40 KB pdf)
Testimony by Mary Ciuniq Pete, Director, Kuskokwim Campus, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Bethel, Alaska
Hosted by Senator Mark Begich
Posted 11/22/13

PRESS RELEASE | 5th Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations
Posted 9/17/13

NEWS | Research Commission to Meet in Unalaska
Bristol Bay Times, August 15
Posted 9/12/13

NEWS | Coast Guard Honors Fran Ulmer at Ceremony
Posted 8/5/13

PRESS RELEASE | Pete Reappointed to US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 5/21/13

INTERVIEW | 'A Call To Action' On Planning Arctic Development
Interview of Fran Ulmer, Chair, United States Arctic Research Commission, by Annie Feidt, Alaska Public Radio Network,
Anchorage, April 4, 2013, 5:16 pm
Posted 4/8/13

PRESS RELEASE | US Arctic Research Commission Identifies Top Priorities for a Changing Arctic
Posted 3/19/13

LETTER | USCG Commandant ADM Papp invites the US Arctic Research Commission
to join the Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research

Posted 3/18/13

INTERVIEW | Research Media Ltd. Interview of Fran Ulmer, Chair, United States Arctic Research Commission,
January 15, 2013 at 2:40p.m.

Fran Ulmer sheds light on the Commission's key priorities for the development of more comprehensive
knowledge and understanding of the Arctic's environment, human population, biodiversity and industries.

Posted 2/4/13



PRESS RELEASE AND SUPPLEMENT | Canadian Polar Commission and US Arctic Research Commission Participate in
the US-Canada Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum | Supplement: Initial Joint Summary of Key Points and Conclusions

Posted 12/19/12

PRESS RELEASE | Two New Appointees to US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 11/27/12

PRESS RELEASE | Federal Commission Releases Report on Arctic Oil Spill Research
Posted 11/16/12

PRESS RELEASE | Fisheries Expert David Benton Appointed to US Arctic Research Commission
Posted 6/22/12

PRESS RELEASE | US and Canadian Arctic Commissions Establish Collaborative Path Forward
Posted 5/7/12

PRESS RELEASE | Commission Emphasizes Value of Arctic Actions in National Ocean Policy
Posted 4/3/12

ARTICLE | USARC 2011–12 Goals Report Highlights Recommendations for Arctic Research
By Fran Ulmer, U.S. Arctic Research Commission Chair
Posted 2/27/12

PRESS RELEASE | USARC Supports Arctic Oil Spill Response Management Tool
By Fran Ulmer, U.S. Arctic Research Commission Chair
Posted 2/16/12

ANNOUNCEMENT | Ulmer Promotes Arctic Research Policy
Posted 1/4/12

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